OK everyone, I am officially on vacation. We get 10 days for Spring Break this year. I actually have some plans! I am not going away :-( it seems like everyone else is. 2 people I know are going to FL, one to SC, one to PA, and 3 to VA!
So today, Fri., I am going shopping all by myself, I like doing that, going by myself. I am going to Ithaca, Michael's, Petsmart, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, hmm, maybe thats it.
I have an antique bench on my front porch. At the end of last summer I sanded it and repainted it, It looks fabulous! So now I am going to make cushions for it, I bought some real nice indoor/outdoor material and today I will look for a foam mattress that I can cut to fit the seat part, then I will make pillows for the back and sides. Of course I will make the covers removable so I can wash them. When I am done I will take pictures.
Glen left for Niagara Falls this morning till Sun. He is there for the annual NY state Snow Mobile Association meeting. He went with one other guy from this area. There will be people from all over the state there.
Tomorrow (Sat.) I will go visit Ashley at college. We will have coffee, go to lunch, and just have a girl's day!
Tues. and one other day (at least) I will actually go into work! I know, I know! It's so wrong! But I am getting paid. I will work on the records stuff (which is my 2nd job). It is quiet, just Doris and I so I don't mind it.
Then the rest of the time I will be working on the cushions, reading, knitting, and hopefully get together with my friend Donya one day.

I just finished the first book in a series I am reading from Lori Wick. "A Place called Home" It is Christian Historical Fiction. I love it. The thing is though... after the first page I figured out I had already read it! But I read it again anyway because it is so good, LOL!

The results from my poll from last week: What are you afraid of? Heights-3, Snakes-2, Dark-2, Spiders-1, Bees-1.
My new poll for this week is: What are you wearing "right now"? As you read this, as you answer this, what are you wearing? Now don't go and change your clothes. just so you are presentable, you look fine! Just answer the question.


  1. Sounds like you have a very busy week planned but with fun things to do.

    I'm wearing shorts because it is going to be in the 80's here again.


  2. Wendy,
    Sorry to hear that your not heading somewhere warm & sunny. Great pic's of the ice storm by the way. It will be a busy week around here with the kids on break. Oh, we got no bids on the library addition after waiting 6 months for the spec sheets. That was my special news for the week. Hope all is well.

  3. sounds like a nice vacation, it's rare that i get a lot of time to myself anymore! Guess what? I'm going on a real vacation too! on the 25th, I'm going to indiana to meet josh's family for a week. I'm really excited! I'm in the middle of reading stephen king's new book Duma Key. It's good so far.