Simple Life... HA!

Part 1.- Glen and I thought that we would simplify our lives buy going with the "all-in-one" with the cable company. So , on Tues. we had them switch us to digital cable with DVR, and digital phone service (we already had the roadrunner). It really seems like a great deal. Unlimited long distance and you pay the same low price every month. I thought it would be a quick 1/2 hr. "in and out" HA! Well it might have been a quick setup if our house was not an "Electrical Nightmare" He was here for 4 1/2 hrs! Some of the phone lines had shorts in them, the cable was not getting a good enough signal, so he had to run new lines etc.
Part 2.- The next morning I found that our email was not working. Since they had to put in a new roadrunner box for the digital phone I figured it had messed up the email. I played with it for 45 min. and still ended up having to call roadrunner, She said they really should have told us that it would have messed up the email acct. it is fixable, but you can't fix it if you don't know! What happens is that instead of upgrading, they treat it like a new acct. so it doesn't know your password or email add. What I had to do was just kind of re-set back to the old email acct.
Part 3.- I didn't realize until I received a message from my mom (thanks mom) that our phone messages would be messed up! What happened was we had line 1 as the business # and line 2 as the home #. When they switched to digital we also dropped the business line, making line 1 our home line, BUT then the answering machine said "Midlakes Contracting" So I had to record a new message. Well do you think I could figure out how to do that? Again I spent about 1/2 hr. trying to record a new message then looking for the book that explains how to do it. My mom (again, thanks mom) suggested to go online with the name of the phone and see if there is a manual online. What a great idea! I did that, found it, fixed it.
Part 4.- I get home from work on Wed. at 6:00. Our tenant comes down and tells me she has no phone service! They cut her line by mistake! So we had to have the phone co. come out and hook her back up!
So... Our plan for making things simpler backfired!

Reading a new book - "Between, Georgia" by Joshilyn Jackson. I love it! It is soooo funny! It is a southern book, takes place in a VERY samll town in GA called Between. I find myself laughing on almost every page.
A few days ago a friend of mine let me borrow a stack of books, so as soon as I finish this one I will start on those! I am excited (thanks Diane).

My poll last week was "What's on your desktop" Family pics.-3, Pics from website-3, Nothing-1, Pic. I created-1.
My new poll will be about fears, "What are you afraid of most?"


  1. You are welcome daughter.

    Glad that everything worked out in the end.

    Love Ya,

  2. wow sounds like you had it rough the last couple of days! glad everything was ok though

  3. Mother, what is the point of me reading your blog when you tell me everything on the phone anyway!

    p.s. micah says hi