Boy, not much to say this time :-(

Ashley is back at college, safe and sound. She always calls me when she gets there to let me know she made it. This time I asked her if she was glad to be back, to which she answered "No." Oh don't get us wrong, she loves school, she just loves home better.

Making Progress on my shawl. I am on section 4. I am also working on a gift for a friend, so I am currently working on both at the same time (wouldn't that take 4 hands?). It kind of looks strange in progress (the gift) so I will show a picture when I am done.

New book - "The Great Indoors" by Sabine Durrant. The only thing I didn't like about it is that it takes place in England and I usually don't like British books, but now it's ok, the wording is sometimes weird. I actually have to read some sentences twice because it is not the way we would say it here. Ok I have to ask you something, now this is kind of strange, I find myself reading this book in a British accent, does this ever happen to you? If I read a southern book I read with a southern accent etc. and I actually come away talking like that. It's like I get into character. Ashley sometimes makes fun of me and I have to tell her "sorry, I am reading a book that takes place in the south." I do that after movies too.
Has anyone tried to click on my "Library Thing" link? My mother tried and said that she couldn't get it to come up. Has anybody else tried? I would like to know. If it doesn't work I will have to tweak it. "Library Thing" if I may put in a plug here, is a great site! It keeps track of the books that you have read, you can list them anyway you want, with pictures of the covers. You can also see who and how many people have also read the same books. It lets you write and read reviews, rate books, etc. It really is alot of fun, check it out!

Last weeks poll was Easter candy, OK, OK!!!! Sorry about the peeps! I love them too! I just forgot! I knew it felt like something was missing but couldn't figure it out. So here are the results - Choc.-2, white choc.-2, peanutbutter eggs-1, malted milk eggs-1, Ok so if nobody really likes jelly beans, why do they sell so many? AND! there are only 6 votes here people! I know many more than 6 people read this, how hard is it to "click"? This weeks poll is about your computer. What is on your "desktop" personal pictures? the plain blue screen that came with it? a desktop picture from a website? one that you "created" yourself? I get my desktop picture from a website that Ashley told me about crossmap.com it has beautiful pictures with verses from the bible. I and try to make it seasonal. Right now I have pink spring flowers (wishful thinking).

Sorry this is a short one! I hope next week will be better.


  1. I am happy to be on campus... but not happy to be at college... does that make sense?

    My desktop is a very abstract swirly thing with lots of bright colors, Debi says it looks like juicy fruit, micah says it looks like an acid trip... I'll let you decide...


  2. I have read your library thing, and it came up fine for me. I am the loner with the peanut butter eggs, they are yummy! Do you remember when you made me some pink beaded dangly earings way back when? Could you make more? I really like them?

  3. peeps are my favorite!!!! Any color, any shape!!!!

    Your shawl is comming along good. Looks like you are almost done.


  4. I am a fussy candy eater and none of the choices you gave tickeled my fancy so I didn't vote!


  5. I mean didn't tickle my fancy!