Easter Blessings To All!

Well that last post sure struck up some comments! Good! gives us all some things to think about; I like that. Unfortunately I don't think I can match it this week. Maybe next week I will try to do something "deep".

Ashley is home this week for "spring break". She came home last Fri. and is going back on Mon. after Easter. On Tues. we did the - shopping, lunch, talking, relaxing, girls day out, thing! It was fun. We went to Auburn, went to the Mall then the Chinese buffet. Last Sat. night we went to the "Snowmobile Club" dinner. There was good food and it was fun. There were lots of door prizes, Ashley won a hat!

Easter is Sun. "Christ the Lord is Risen today" We will go to church then later we will go out to dinner with Glen's parents. This is tradition now, we stay home and cook for every other holiday but decided that for Easter we would go out to some place nice.

I have not knitted at all since Ashley has been home, this is not her fault, I just haven't done it. I have been reading a little. I started a new book - "The Almost Moon" by Alice Sebold. It is about a woman who literally kills her mother. It is a mercy killing. Her mother is at the end of her life after having cancer and is not living a quality life anymore. So She puts a towel over her face and kills her. I am only a few chapters into it but it is OK so far, it has a lot of flash backs "memories" and I think that is what the book will mostly be. she is the same Author who wrote "The Lovely Bones" if you haven't read that yet, you should, it was great!

On the right towards the bottom there is a small link to my "Library Thing" this is a website that you can list the books that you have read, there are pictures of the covers and reviews, etc. it is really nice! Of course this is not all the books I have read, but it is a small start. Please take a few minutes to check it out and let me know what you think. I think I have about 5 pages of books so far.

My poll last week was Favorite junk food - Chips-3, ice cream-4, chocolate-2, and baked goods-0. In keeping with the food theme the new poll is what is your favorite Easter candy? not being on the list mine is Cadbury Mini eggs, they are the best!


  1. Happy Easter to you.

    Where are the Peeps!!!! They are not on your survey and they are my favorite, I love them. Second is Dark Chocolate.