The simple life

We went to our cabin this past weekend (we have a cabin in the Adirondacks, near Piseco). We left Fri. around 5:00 and arrived there close to 9:00. It usually takes 3 hrs but we stopped for dinner on the way. There was more and more snow the closer we got. By the time we got to our cabin there was 3 feet or more. Just as we were parking by the side of the road a snowmobile came by. He told us that our neighbor, down the road, was coming up to plow us out! He arrived by huge backhoe! If you have never seen a backhoe digging out a driveway, it is quite a site. When he was done we had mountains of snow, and a nice place to park. We parked the snowmobile trailer across the road in our neighbors driveway so it wouldn't get stuck. Fred has lived in the Adirondacks for many many years, he is in his mid 80's. He is very nice and always offers to let us park at his place if we can't get in.
We have a woodstove but no other heat, you get the picture? It was 25 inside the cabin. It usually takes about two hrs to start getting warm, once you have the woodstove going. We unloaded everything, put away the groceries, made the bed, shoveled out the outhouse, etc. By that time it was getting warm. We sat by the fire for a while looking at magazines and talking, it was nice. We have no phone, no TV, we do have electric! but no running water. We take water with us in big 7 gal. jugs. Some of you may not like this kind of life but we have adjusted nicely, and I always hate coming home.
The next day Glen snowmobiled all day! He left at 9:30 and returned around 5:00, visited with Fred, ate dinner and went out again for a while. While he was gone I cleaned the cabin up, read, knitted, crocheted, and finished a jigsaw puzzle I had started last time. I really love being up there and don't mind being alone, so it was just as enjoyable for me as it was for Glen.
Sun. he went out again for a while in the morning. Then we headed home around 2:00.

I had the week off from work last week. It was nice, having Ashley home, being able to putter, getting some stuff done, going to our cabin. Now... Back to work, and I have a headache! Figures! I had a headache all day yesterday!
Between today and tomorrow we are expecting a little snowstorm. Might see between 6-12" (or 18) depending on which station you watch. We shall see.

My poll for last week was "What country would you like to visit?" The results were Brazil-2, Australia-2, Italy-1, France-1, Africa-1, Spain-0. I chose Brazil. I know you are probably thinking "beaches" but no, it is actually the Amazon that attracts me! I have always wanted to go to the Amazon. So that sparked another poll... Of all the places I would like to go, which one would you choose? I hope everyone doesn't wimp out on me and choose the coast of Maine! there has to be some brave souls out there!


  1. I choose Maine, I love the coast in the SUMMER time. It is breath taking! Glad you both had a great time up at the cabin. No I can't say that I have ever seen a backhoe dig out a driveway nor do I ever want to be in that much snow. They are saying the Smokeys are suppoose to get 6-12 inches tonight.

  2. I chose alaska... I have always wanted to visit there, it would be so awsome to walk on the glaciers and have fresh fish for dinner every night that I caught myself... that would be nice!!! Next time you go to your cabin, don't forget to stop and pick ME up, it's only like five hours out of the way.. that's not too bad is it? ha ha just kidding. Sounds like a lot of fun though!

  3. I chose Alaska, cuz duh... but Main is a close second for me. Micah chose Oregon Trail...

    Adirondacks sounds fun.. wish I could have gone.