Ashley (my daughter at Davis college) was home for the long weekend. she got home on Fri. and just left today. The only part of her trip I do not like is the going home part. Not the part that she is not here (although I do miss her) but the actual "going" part. I hate it that she has to drive almost 2 hrs. I really worry about her. I know that worrying is a sin, so I just pray for her safety, put her in God's hands and try not to think about it for two hrs., until she calls me, then I go "Whew!".

She had not been feeling well so she spent alot of the weekend sleeping, drinking herbal tea, and taking vitamin C and Echinacea. I sent her back in much better condition than she came in. I actually think she is almost healthy now!

In between the tea and sleep we did fit in some fun. We took a day and went shopping in Ithaca, mostly our favorite store, Kohl's. We all went out to dinner, to Cicino's, in Waterloo. We watched movies, ate ice cream, talked, and just enjoyed being together.

I have a week vacation from work. I fully intend on doing nothing! Isn't that the best vacation. Actually I do want to go to a yarn store in Watkins Glen to maybe get some new yarn. I have been working on my doily. I am about 3/4 of the way done. I will take pictures when it is finished. I am still reading "In the wilderness" It is going slow only because I have been doing other things.

I have officially booked my flight for TN in May! Yeah! Can't wait. Then I fully intend on shopping, relaxing, shopping, site seeing, shopping, eating in great restaurants, oh, and shopping!

Doesn't it seem that I live from one vacation to the next... well, I do! No really, I totally do. hmmm, maybe that isn't a good thing. I guess I just love my life, life in general. I like to enjoy life! I do not want to work my life away. So, Here's to the next vacation!

I know that some of you have not been doing the poll on the right. I try to post a new poll every Tues. It is fun and easy, you just have to click!


  1. Hello, Sorry to hear Ashley was sick. Glad that you did get to spend some fun time with her. There is a "bug" going around down here. Some schools have been closed for 2 weeks due to illness.

    Can't wait till you come down here to TN. We will shop, eat, shop, site seeing, did I mention shop too.


  2. I was sick for about three weeks Gramma... it was CRAZY!!!

    Mommy, I miss you, but I'm glad to be back. I spent quality time with Micah watching movie after movie. It was great. I'll have to tell you all about it.

    Guess what my next break is the 17-24 of March so i'll see you soooooon.

    Oh, and thanks for healing me!