This weather is going to be the death of me yet! I have had a headache 5 out of 7 days this week, Sinus pressure, burning, etc, even my jaw hurts! We have gone from "kinda nice- in the 40's" to "freezing- 6 or less!" to yesterday was 60 and high 50's! and now today is low 30's. We have snowstorms one day, great thaw the next, freezing rain the next! It is no wonder we are all so sick! I know I say this every year... BUT... I really can't wait till spring! And this time I mean it.
We have had just enough snowstorms to allow Glen to snowmobile, which is really nice. This past weekend he went snowmobiling in the Hector area with some guys from work.

I finished the doily I was crocheting! It is really pretty, now I need to iron and starch it. So I am back to working on my shawl I am knitting, and I was right, it is going faster since I took a break.

I read a book called "Avoiding Prison and other Noble Vacation Goals" By Wendy Dale. It was great! It was a true story, a memoir, about a woman traveling to other countries, only not really normal vacation countries, but to places like Cuba, Lebanon, Colombia, etc. and she did this back when American travel to these countries was illegal, so she had to get into them illegally. It was a really neat insight into these other countries. she talked about their politics, economics, food, etc. I actually learned alot, and it was funny, sad, enjoyable.

My last Poll was - which one of "my places" would you like to go to? I thought I should explain how I arrived to the point where I wanted to visit these places.
Nome, Alaska - I am a huge fan of the Iditarod! I know you didn't know this but I am! It is going on right now by the way. I go to the website several times a day to track the mushers. Nome is the finish point.
http://www.iditarod.com/race/ There is actually a webcam where you can watch the racers coming in. During the rest of the year it is pointed at the visitors center in the city of Nome but towards the end of the Iditarod it will be pointed towards the finish line. http://www.nomealaska.org/vc/cam-pageframe.htm
The site of the Oregon trail
- My daughter has always told me that I am living in the wrong time period. I have always been fascinated with the 1800's, the Oregon trail, the west, no electric, no phone, simple life! There was a two year period when I read all the books about the Oregon trail there was available, I became kind of an expert on the subject. If I was given the chance to give up my computer, phone, elec, and live a life like that - I really think I could do it. Think about it, everything I love I could still have (God, my family, books, knitting, crocheting, not to mention, I love a wood stove!)
The coast of Maine - Well, need I really explain? the ocean!, Lighthouses!, Ragged rocky beaches!, Lobster!, Islands!, what more could you want?
Antarctica - I read a book called "Icebound: a doctor's incredible battle for survival at the south pole" It was about a woman doctor who worked at the science station down there, during her stay she got cancer. Ever since then I have been reading books and viewing videos on Antarctica.
Papua New Guinea
- Well back when "The travel Channel" actually had shows about travel (not poker) there was a documentary about these guys who canoed from Australia up around Papua New Guinea, they met the natives (who are Christians by the way!) it was a great show, the island is beutiful! the people were nice, they have their problems like any country, but again I was fascinated.
The results to my poll were - Nome, Alaska -2, Oregon Trail -2, Maine -1, Antarctica -1, Papua New Guinea -0. My new Poll is also about travel, time travel! If you could travel to another time, not necessary to live, but just to experience it, what would it be? What time period are you fascinated with?

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  1. Very pretty doily!
    Is it for me????
    The weather has been crazy here to. Yesterday 73 today maybe 50.