Healthy Living (Mind, Body, & Soul)

Are you all living a healthy life? Having a totally healthy life means healthy eating - good food for your mind, healthy food for your body, and good food for your soul. All three are just as important!
For a healthy mind you must feed your mind - I do all kinds of crafts (knitting, crochet, quilting, scrapbooking, etc) and also alot of reading. I am doing well on my shawl, I am almost done with the first section. I will include a picture next week. I finished the book I was reading and started a new one - "Bride Island" by - Alexandra Enders. It is real good, I like it very much so far. Good development of characters. It is about a family Island off the coast of Maine and a woman trying to reconnect with her 7 yr old daughter who lives with her father.
I think I eat pretty good. I eat breakfast almost everyday, and most often eat soup for lunch and a good healthy dinner. I don't eat too much junk food. My daughter, on the other hand, has not been eating good since she has gone back to college and she has not been feeling well. I told her she needs to eat fruits and veggies and drink juice. She went shopping with a friend and got some juice and fruits. So I hope she eats better. I think it is very unfair for colleges not to always have this kind of stuff on hand for the students. Shouldn't colleges be promoting healthy eating??? They serve so much junk food at her college.
And last but not least, feeding the soul. Live a good Christian life with Jesus at your side. Pray often. Read your Bible and/or devotions. You can not have a truly healthy life without Christ!

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