How Ironic!

I feel the need to write a new post now rather than wait till next Tues. because I should warn my family and friends that "I am loosing my mind!"

I find it very ironic that my last post was about keeping a healthy mind while I am loosing mine! Just in the past two weeks I have messed up or forgotten sooo many things. Am I not too young for this to be happening?

First - I paid a whole stack of bills a couple weeks ago to find them sitting back in my mailbox two days later... I had forgotten to put stamps on them.

Then - I had talked to my co-worker about meeting with her to get some things done. An hour later I could not remember which day we had agreed on. I had to call her and ask her, how embarrassing.

And - I bought something I had to pay for with paypal, I sent the person the wrong amount. It was 7.70 and I sent 7.10. This is almost explainable because the item was 6.10 that is where I got the 10 from the rest was shipping, but still. I had to email her and explain how I sent the wrong amount
and ask if I could make it up the next time I bought something. Again, How embarrassing.

And last - I was paying bills again today (oh no) I balanced my checkbook and there were two deposits I had forgotten to write in, equaling over $3,000.00 , I mean I could see one but forgetting two in the same week?

I am totaling loosing it, you all will be visiting me in the loony bin, you all will visit me won't you?

I finished the book "Bride Island" Very good, I liked it, good ending. I am starting a new one - "Whistling in the Dark" by Lesley Kagen.

I am doing well on my shawl. i finished the first section and started the next one. I am determined to get it done so I can take it with me to TN in May when I visit my parents.

My kitty, Martina, had a "Yucky eye" after two visits to the Vet and 3 different meds. It is finally looking better! She is back to the beautiful kitty she really is.


  1. What is the blue yarn for?
    Hope you get it done.
    Martina is a beauty.
    Didn't they close down Willard?

  2. the other yarn is just to hold the stitches till i pick them at the end to add the boarder.

    Yes, martina is a beauty! What a great way of putting it.

    And, do you mean willard psyc. center? If so it closed a LONG time ago, like years and years!

  3. OH OH OH!!! I just got that! You were making a joke about willard and me going to the loony bin. See, i told you I was loosing my mind.

  4. wow mom... you really are loosing it! It's ok, I'm loosing it too!

    ok so I have a blog of my own (for anyone reading this)