We've moved!

I am sure you have all head by now that we have moved to PA.
My  header picture is a small lake just north of us. It is a really beautiful lake and you can drive all the way around it and park and get out at several spots.

We had the closing on our NY house just last week, that is a huge load off our minds!
We have a beautiful new home in PA now and we are very happy here!

Here are a few pics, but will add more as we make it more a home.

This is the livingroom and diningroom-

The upstairs bath -

My laundry room/craft room -

The downstairs spare bedroom, which is the daughter and her hubby's room when they come stay -

The downstairs bath -
Upstairs spare room -
The office/Library -

Rooms I do not have pictures of but will show you in a week or so - Master bdrm, Kitchen, office, Steelers rm, sunroom, and the pool area I think I will wait till late spring because it is closed up for the season. We also have several closets and storage spaces.


  1. Love the coffee station! The rest of the house is good too ;-p

  2. So glad I got to see you last week. Your house looks great. I'm sure you will be very happy there

    1. Yes, it was great seeing you too! I went home and said to Glen - You will never guess who I saw at the Falls!

  3. I love the table that your coffee is on. Is it new? I don't remember ever seeing it before. Also love the faucets in the upstairs bath...very nice.

    1. The table that the coffee is on? Do you mean the chest of drawers? Yes it is new-ish. Glen had it in one of his apts. he bought it from another worker.

  4. Beautiful home. You made it so inviting. I also love the coffee section. Congratulations on your move! I wish you every joy in you new home.