So guess who got married over the summer???

Most of you know by now that my one and only favoritest daughter got married in Aug.!
This is how it all came about -

I knew that they were going to get engaged, I knew for a while. But the BF had actually called me and told me he was going to ask her and needed my help getting her to the place where it was suppose to happen - one of their fav. restaurants. I asked Ashley if she could meet me for dinner and if she beat me there to just go in and wait for me (knowing that I would never actually show up). So, she got there and walked up to the rest. in the rain and a man covered with an umbrella tapped her on the shoulder - it was Sean. He asked her to marry him right there in the rain, under an umbrella in front of their fav. restaurant.

About a year ago they had gone to NYC for vacation and had such a great time that they thought it would be great to get married in Central Park in NYC. So that's what they did!

On July 21st. I had a real nice shower for her at Americana Winery and had it catered. My friend April made beautiful cupcakes, I made all the decorations. It was perfect and beautiful and I couldn't have asked for it to be any better!

On Aug 1st. they went to New York City - and got married in Central Park on the evening of Aug 2nd. Then spent a couple days in the city.

Then on Aug. 18th we had a reception at Taughannock Park. I rented a small pavilion and a huge tent, lots of tables and chairs. It was a casual dish to pass event. Sean's mom decorated the tables and was my go-to person in time of need (she was also in charge of alcohol - very important job), his dad did an awesome sound system. My friend April make the cake and Glen, April, her husband and I did the lights. April and Dave own a Taxi co. in Ithaca and we decorated one of the taxis and he went to pick them up at their apt. I was very nervous how everything would go - but everything was perfect!

This is one of my favorite pictures! This was the father daughter dance - she looks so happy here!

 The proud parents -


  1. Aww, I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents who not only supported, but encouraged my decision to have a nontraditional wedding ceremony! Thank you mommy for everything you did and continually do for me (the favoritest daughter!) I couldn't have imagined my wedding any other way! I love you!

  2. OMG…where do I start… first your daughter looks stunning. That wedding dress is gorgeous—I love it! All the pictures make the wedding look very personal & intimate. I can’t think of a better way to get married. The proposal story is right out of a book…truly a fairytale. Best wishes to the bride and groom! Thanks so much for sharing.

    P.S. It doesn’t get any better than that last pic! What a beautiful family.

  3. Everything and everyone looks so beautiful. Congratulations to all.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww all so pretty and relaxed and fun. I love your dress and the cupcakes. Congratulations!

  5. great pictures....really like her colors, blue and white. The cake and cupcakes are beautiful!
    It was a fun reception. everything turned out great and no rain!

  6. What lovely pictures. Congratulations to them both!

  7. Awesome! Love long & prosper!