Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday will be on Sat. the 19th! The hubby is gone and the daughter is working... so guess who will be all alone on her birthday?
Actually - I am going out to breakfast with my in-laws (I love going out to breakfast) then will stop at their house to open my gifts. Later in the afternoon I will go to my friends house for a visit.
I think on Sunday I am getting together with the daughter and I think I will get my girts from her then.
The following week I will be getting together with the hubby to celebrate with dinner at a nice restaurant in PA with some friends.

These are some of the great gifts I have gotten so far -

A new coffee maker! Fun fun.
 Some cool coffees! again Fun Fun!

 A new knitting book (this Author has a shop near my mom!)
And - she signed it for me!!!!!
And some yarn and new needles to try it out.
 And a birthday wouldn't be complete without some Hello kitty stuff!!!!!
 And I still have more coming! I am such a lucky and blessed girl! I will try to update my blog next week.

Thanks to everyone (so far) for all the wonderful cards you sent me!

Next week I am going to PA for the 4 day weekend!

Oh... and I wanted to tell ya'll that I started a Twitter acct.
This is for book purposes only.
I will post giveaways, book reviews, book news from friends, and maybe some quotes.
Here is my user name - @wall2wallbooks
If you have a twitter acct. and would like me to follow you - let me know.

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  1. Happy Birthday.
    I really like the slippers...so cute!
    Enjoy your breakfast.
    Too bad I can't be there.
    Love Ya

  2. I almost forgot, hubs works Saturday night so I'm game for a movie date if you're interested :)

    1. Is there anything good on? We'll have to check! I've got the wine!

    2. I have wine too! I'm not sure what's on though.

  3. So cool! Happy 29th birthday!!! I love your gifts. You have the exact same coffee machine as I have and LOVE. The Green Mountain coffee is soooooo good and, of course, Hello Kitty slippers - the best. I wish I would get all those gifts for myself.

  4. Happy Birthday ahead of time!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I know which shop you are referring to that the book came from. :) Knitting books are always a welcomed gift.

  6. Happy Early Birthday!!! Yay you got a Keurig! I LOVE mine! You will really enjoy it.

    Have an awesome day tomorrow ~ Love ya!

    I hope you had a wonderful day.