Christmas in April????

These pictures are not ones from January that I forgot to post. These are from today! April 23rd 2012!
Surprisingly enough this is really not all that strange for NY, we have been known for snow in the summer before! I remember 2 times years ago - once on Mother's Day and once in June!

All the schools around here are closed! Normally I would have a house full of kids - but no kids today! All the parents are staying home today as well  :-)

 My poor flowers!

 It just looks funny to see trees with pretty new green leaves with snow!
 Look how weighted down the bushes are! The snow is really heavy.

 A Dovey-poo taking cover.

And its still snowing! A while ago it was sleeting. We lost power for a few seconds. I had to re-boot my computer.
And... I heard that in Newfield (half hour from me) they had 10" of snow!


  1. You poor guys! We had the Oct snowstorm from hell and tons and tons of trees lost branches. I hope it all melts right away!

  2. Unbelievable! And we are having record heat. It's July in April out here--105 this weekend. ugh!

  3. I hate snow. Tried to stay in Florida long enough to miss it. Guess we'll have to stay longer next year.

  4. You're lucky you only lost power for a few seconds. The storm we had here in CT took my power for two WEEKS!!! And I have friends in Ithaca area that are still out now.

    1. Yes! I know about the time you were without power for weeks!!! That was so terrible! I can't even imagine!

  5. Just another of the many reasons why we live here and not there. Great pictures of the heavy snow. It really weighed the trees down. You are very lucky that you didn't loose power. It was cold here yesterday only a high of 57* and a very cold wind from the north. We went to Dollywood yesterday and it was cold in the morning, very cloudy, but in the afternoon even though it was still cold and wind the sun came out and it turned out to be really nice. Ken and the other 2 men went on the "Wild Eagle" Roller Coaster....Its the only one of its kind in the US.....NOT THE GIRLS, we stayed with our 6 feet firmly on the ground.
    Love Ya, Mom

  6. We did not get much snow at all. What we did get did not stick. But many areas not far from us got 8 inches. Crazy NY weather. But I'll take snow over hurricanes and tornados anyday.

  7. My son told me it snowed up there. He said it was 80 one day and 2 days later...snow.

  8. Sorry I'm late to this. Had some stuff going on and wasn't doing too much blog visiting. Your weather seems so much like ours as that exact same thing happened to us. We still haven't warmed up though. It's windy and the wind is cold! Usually by now the trees have budded but not so much this year. We need some warm weather.