Winter's holding on, but Spring is fighting hard!

I went to PA last week to visit the hubby. Of course I had a great time, I always do when I go there. On Sunday when I got there - the hubby didn't have to work so we spent the day together.
We drove around Bucknell University. It was really pretty and reminded me very much of Cornell here in Ithaca.

The rest of the week the hubby had to work so I was on my own, which I don't mind at all. I can always find stuff to do. One day it was 60 and sunny! So I went to the park by the Susquehanna River. It's a nice little park.

It'll look really pretty in the Spring when everything is all green and there are flowers.
Here are a few old houses. Lewisburg is a very historical town.

I went to B&N everyday for a Latte'
I went to two Antique malls (one was HUGE!), went to a few gift shops, and drove south to Selinsgrove to the Kohls, and as I said I wanted to - I went to the huge farmer's market! I can not tell you enough how big this is. I bought cheese, Smoked pork chops & smoked ham (for the hubby), apples, and green beans.
And I also sat on the hubby's front porch in just a longsleeve shirt with a cup of coffee and a book.

TV - 
American Idol - Top 24 was chosen. My favs - Reed Grimm and Jessica Sanchez. I like a lot of them but those are my 2 top.
Survivor -Ugh! Everyone is just making me mad this season! The guys are all jerks, the women are all catty. Its hard to pick a fav.
Amazing Race - was good! Although two of my fav women were the ones to go home!
The Celebrity Apprentice - Also started! Forgot about this one. I like this show too, I never watched the orig. Apprentice but I like the Celebrity one. Some good people on this time. It is amazing to see just how much plastic surgery is done on those women!!! Love Arsenio Hall! Also like Patricia Velasques, she seems very nice and very smart. But Penn Jillette really surprised me the most. I think he is gonna do well.

Glee - OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you freakin kidding me???? No way! And if you watch Glee you will know what I mean. My heart is just broken. I love Quinn, I have right from the very beginning! I was crying before it happened because I was anticipating it. Then I cried for about 5 min. after it was over. Oh my word - so dramatic! Ugh! I just hate getting addicted to characters on shows!
KNITTING - Making a real pretty white thick hat.

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  1. Oh... my... GOSH!!!!!!! They can't kill her! They just can't! Mom!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. The pictures are great. I like the old houses.
    I can just picture that park in the spring, It will be beautiful with all the flowers and green instead of brown.
    It has been very warm here to. The daffodils, Quince are in bloom, even the trees are starting to get leaves, the Star Magnolias trees are also in bloom.
    That hat you are making is adorable....so cute.
    Can't wait to see it when its done.
    Love ya, Mom

  3. I can not wait for spring. But I must say we have been very lucky here in NY this winter. It's been nice actually.

    Someday I plan on learning how to knit.