Spring Fever!

WHAT'S HAPPENING -It is a gorgeous sunny day today! It is still cold - only 36 right now. But the sun certainly makes up for it. I am very hopeful that Spring is on the way. I have spring fever so bad. On the way to school the kids and I were listing all the reasons we couldn't wait for spring.
~ Wearing flip flops (that was mine)
~ Wearing shorts and tank tops
~ Sitting on the porch drinking coffee (that was mine too)
~ Jumping on the trampoline
~ Flowers coming up
~ Planting the veg. garden
~ Playing outside

School is on vacation all next week (President's week) and I will have no kids! YAY! So I am going to go down to PA (to Lewisburg) to stay with the hubby for a while. I am excited, I love Lewisburg.
The last time I was there the weather was gorgeous. I am hoping it is at least nice enough to go for walks. There are so many places to take walks there. It is right on the Susquehanna River so there are some nice parks right on the river. And the town is real historical and beautiful so it is also fun to just park and walk around the town. The neighborhood where he stays is also nice! The last time I was there we walked around the neighborhood and looked at all the pretty houses. Every Wed. there is a huge farmer's market just outside of town. It is HUGE! I will definitely go to that before I come home.

TV - 
Been watching American Idol. Boy there are some good singers this year! It is going to be hard, I think, to get rid of people. Last night's show got them down to 40 contestants.
Survivor also started this past week. They are divided into men and women as the 2 tribes. What a bunch of jerks there are on the guys team! I think I am going for "girl power" this time.
Amazing Race starts Sunday.
I love it when all my reality shows are on at the same time!
Also watching - Once Upon a Time (awesome!), Hart of Dixie. The Good Wife, Glee, Castle (Hottttt), Harry's Law, Parenthood, Selling NY & Selling LA (both on HGTV).

WEIGHT LOSS - I am still doing great on my weight loss. I am so disciplined! I am eating such healthy food right now. A typical dinner for me would be - Salmon Filet and cooked baby carrots, Lean turkey burger and salad with lite dressing, Brown rice with broccoli, Broiled shrimp with veggies. And sometimes I just have a big salad.
I find that the hardest part is the cheese (I think my daughter agrees). I am a huge lover of cheese and cheese is very high in calories. So I just have to limit myself. I have been buying Laughing Cow, Baby Bel cheese. It is all prepackaged and is only 70 cal. each and there are lots of different kinds to choose from.
Another thing I do is buy the "100 calorie snacks" again - there are lots to choose from and you know just how much you are getting. These are great for people who love to snack.
One more problem is coffee drinks! I love going to Starbucks, Panera etc. and getting coffee drinks like Caramel Latte's. So I have switched to "No fat vanilla latte" which is only 200 calories. It still seems like a lot but it is better than 280 which is what a reg. one is.

My salad from last week, look yummy? This was about 385 calories.

Progress -
Last year - lost 24 lbs.
Over the Holidays - gained back 4
Since 1/14/2012 - lost 8.4 lbs!
A total loss of - 28.4 lbs.

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  1. Hello there...Just popped in to say hi. Congrats on the healthy eating. I am giving it a shot also. Spring is around the corner. Happy Weekend to you.

  2. Your lunch looks yummy! I like salads, could eat them everyday.
    Keep up the good work on your weight loss, I know it is not an easy thing to do. need lots of will power.
    It has been in the high 50 to highs of 65 here. The daffodils are in bloom and some trees are starting to bloom out too.
    Love ya,

  3. Good For you! Discipline is the hardest part! I hope you are having a fantastic time in PA!

  4. I love that Good Wife show too. Haven't been watching much of American Idol, but am starting to get hooked on the Voice. Congrats on your weight loss and healthy diet! I have been on a strict regimen too and have lost 15 pounds in the past 2 months. I'm using this cool app on my I-phone called my fitness pal (it's also online) so I log in all my food and calories and it lets me know how many calories I have left to eat, etc.

    1. Yes, that is exactly how "Lose it!" works for the nook!
      Congrats and good luck with your weight loss too!