Walkin in a Winter Wonderland

The only thing I like about the winter is the birds!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - We are awaiting the arrival of a snowstorm (lake effect) by tomorrow morning ( I am writing this on Mon. night). We may get 5 - 10". Update - We only got a covering of snow, maybe we will get more through the day, but I am glad school's not canceled! For me, it means Kids all day! On Sunday it was 52!!!! Like summer! Then today, Mon. it was 19, with a wind chill of 9. I am hating this already.

I have been so busy Christmas shopping and having very good luck. So far I have found everything I have been looking for either shopping around or on the internet. I also love shopping for stocking stuffers. Little candies, gum, all those cute little inexpensive items. It is fun to see how many cute little things I can get for so little, like a game.

Glen was home for the weekend. We went shopping together all day Sunday. We actually had a really good time, but he said he didn't have as much luck as I was having. We went to Panera Bread for lunch, then again later for coffee and goodies! Love that place. It is one of our favorite places to go in Ithaca.

TV -
Survivor - Hmmm, Benry goes home. I don't get it. I totally don't know why they voted him off and it was a surprise to me. I can honestly tell you, I really don't care who wins.
Amazing Race - Yea!!!! The Dr.s win. They were my second favorite pair, and my favs., the Shopping Net. hosts came in 2nd. So I am happy with the turnout.
Still watching - Raising Hope - Hilarious! Parenthood - Love it!, Glee - Addictive! SVU - Hot! (Oops, sorry that's Elliot that's hot) Watch Castle once in a while - Also Hot!

List-O-Mania - Singing groups with double words (or letters) in their name
1. Was not was
2. The the
3. Mr. Mister
4. Duran Duran
5. The Go-go's
6. The Goo Goo Dolls
7. Soul II Soul
8. Talk talk
9. Bow wow wow
10. ZZ Top
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
LL Cool J
Lady GaGa
(from Ashley)
I dare you to come up with more!

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  1. 11 days till Christmas. It is coming upon us so fast.

    Pretty pictures. I like Cardinals. They are so red, a Christmas bird.

    I keep trying to get you to move South. I don't ever want those winters again. Although this morning it is really cold here...9*. You know this won't last very long. This is not the morm. We have a dusting of snow and you can see a lot of snow on the mountains from here...it is pretty to look at and if I want to be in it I will drive to the mountains.
    Bundle up and try to keep warm.
    Just about all of East Tennessee schools are closed again today even though they treated the main roads with brine its the back and side roads that are still bad.

  2. As always, you have the most beautiful pictures :)

  3. Unless you're thinking of someone else.. Bow wow's name only has one wow.

    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    LL Cool J
    Lady GaGa
    does Finger 11 count?

  4. Ashley - Yeah, its a different group.
    They sang a song called "I want Candy"

  5. Beautiful pictures. It's so cold here that even the birds hide.

    We're in for snow tonight and all day tomorrow - 5 or more inches so far they're saying which is on top of what we already have out there. I want summer back!

    I don't care who wins Survivor this year either. I don't really like anyone although I get a kick out of Fabio- he's so duncy sometimes. lol.

  6. I'm very proud of my Lady GaGa lol

    Darlene, I love fabio!