Its the Christmas season!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - The day after Thanksgiving, my husband and I were getting ready to go out shopping. We were putting on our coats and shoes when all of the sudden... it hit me! I yelled (and I can yell pretty loud) "Oh - my - gosh!" Glen is looking all around to see what it could be that I was yelling about. I said "Oh I am so excited!!" "It is the after Thanksgiving!!!! Do you know what that means????!!!" He voiced a very small "Yes" Astonished, I said, not really believing him "You do???" He said in a very depressing voice "You get to play Christmas music" I shouted "YES!!!! Wait.. the amazing part is that you knew! How did you know that was what I was thinking?" He answered "We've been married forever, of course I knew!" Hahaha, that's why I love him! Then he actually let me take Christmas music in the car.

Everything is all decorated for Christmas! I put up our little dollar store tree. I hung the lights on the porch. I got out all the Christmas music (I am listening to it right now, as a matter of fact!) I love Christmas music!

TV - 
I have to catch you up -
DWTS - Yea! Jennifer Gray won, as she should have! She cried, I cried, everyone was happy.
Amazing Race - Nick & Vicki went home (team tattoo) so, the final 3 - The Doctors, the shopping channel girls (my favs, but I like the Dr.s too) and Jill & Thomas (blech).
Survivor - Quitters!!!!!! I mean I didn't really care for either of them but seriously! It is so not fair that Marty gets voted off, then they wise up to Brenda, she gets voted off the next week then two of them just quit! So not fair, I think they should let Marty back on.
My daughter think I like Marty just because he looks like an older Phil Vassar -

 I just like Marty for Marty!!! -
Can you blame me? Just put a bow on him and put him under my tree! Of course I'll take Phil Vassar too.

Has anyone been watching Sarah Palin's Alaska? Its fabulous! I know, I know, I'm a hard core Democrat but I just love her!

The Steelers beat the Ravens and are now the AFC North champions! Whoot whoot!

Groups named after places (cities, states, countries).
1. Chicago
3. Boston
4. Little Texas
5. Asia
6. Kansas
8. Europe
9. Georgia Satallites
10. Berlin

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  1. I too love Christmas music. Your "dollar store tree" looks beautiful In fact I love everything about Christmas and I say Merry Christmas.

    Even though your mother is a hard core Republican (you were always the wayward one)I do watch Sarah Palin's Alaska. It is a really great show. It shows a lot of her true feelings. Her home life is fantastic.

    Marty looks like a mature Phil...you just like Marty's body!!!!


  2. Well I'm debating on the whole tree this year but I do think I'll try to put it up on the table. Hopefully Sam will not bother with it. I know the floor is impossible right now. lol.

    The home shopping girls are my faves too. I really hope they win. They deserve it. I remember when they first started and I thought oh they'll just be sissies but they aren't. They tackle every challenge to their best and they're hilarious.

    I was ticked about Marty being voted off too. I really liked it and I'm mad too that people can just go and quit when there were others that really wanted to play. Uggggggggh.

    Have a great week being a Christmas elf Wendy!

  3. Nice tree. If you can believe it, I have not decorated for Christmas yet. We'll be a little late this year, I was thinking of putting it up this Wed. I love Christmas music!!