Dogwood in full color

 Look at those colors on my Dogwood. I think is the prettiest it has ever been.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - My Mom-in-Law is out of the hospital. And she is so happy! She is still on a clear liquid diet for a couple days, then she can slowly start adding foods. She says she is in no real pain, just uncomfortable and gets tired (which is to be expected). Thank you all for your concern and prayers.

I am so glad to get Halloween out of the way. You all know that is not my favorite (non)-holiday. I call it a non-holiday because I don't think it should considered a real holiday. Now - can we get on to Thanksgiving please! I love Thanksgiving and I don't think enough emphasis is put on that Holiday. It is a real Holiday. And did you know it is the only Holiday that is solely celebrated by America? Oops I better not say that too loud or the gov. will try to take that away from us too! You know, we might be offending someone.
So lets hear some Thanksgiving plans. What do you do for Thanksgiving? Do you cook, do you go away, do you cook and take it somewhere?
My MIL and I take turns and this year it is my turn, so I will host it at my house and I will be cooking all the "big stuff" the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. And the MIL will be bringing the extras - squash, rolls, pie, relish tray, cranberry sauce, corn, etc. It is a good system for us, it works.

The cold weather has settled in, I needed to wear my heavy coat, hat and gloves today.

TV - 
Amaz. Race - non-elimination round, no one goes home.
Survivor - Whoa Marty - you are one lucky dude! According to the previews, this week is the merge. So maybe Marty will luck again and not go home.
DWTS - Audrina goes home.
The Good Wife is getting really "good"! anybody else watch this show? It is a courtroom drama type show with family drama and politics thrown in.

KNITTING - I think I am going to knit my self a new hat. I am finishing up the hubby's socks, should be done by his birthday (Nov. 9th).

BOOKS - I forgot to mention the winner of "An Amish Christmas" is -
Shelley, please contact me with your mailing address so I can get this book out to you.

Read "The Year of Wonders" by Geraldine Brooks (4 stars), This is a Historical fiction based on fact. It takes place during the 1600's in England during the year of the Plague! Slow in some spots, but very good in most of it. Very graphic, not for people who are squeamish. I love that kind of stuff and I even went "eeew" in spots.

Read "Turtle Moon" by Alice Hoffman. Great book 4 1/2 stars! This book was about so many things.
It was about a murdered woman and a missing baby.
It was about a 12 yr old boy who saved the baby and ran away with her, but also witnessed the murder.
It was about Lucy, the boys mother, who tries to find the murderer to clear her son's name.
It was about Julian, the cop who is assigned to the case (he has a past! don't they all?)
It was about Miss Giles who takes in the boy and baby to protect them from the bad guy (she has a past too).
It was about Bobby, Julian's cousin who died in an accident when they were teenagers and who is now a ghost "The Angel" and can't leave the tree where the accident happened.
It was about Shannon, a teenager who "The Angel" falls in love with.
And it was about a town in FL that goes kind of crazy every May. When the turtles come out to find their way to the ocean, all kinds of strange things happen.

A Sea of Books - "Oogy, the dog only a family could love" by Larry Levin, this is an Audiobook (2 copies).
A Sea of Books - "The Brave" by Nicholas Evans, 2 copies - Audiobooks

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  1. glad to hear MIL is out of the hospital. hope she continues to get better.

    Shhh...don't tell Clarissa Halloween is a Non-holiday, it is her favorite one. It is OK for me, I prefer Christmas, I really get into Christmas (secular & religious).

    ...and about my video. If I sounded bad, I wouldn't have posted it. LOL!

  2. Yah for MIL :)

    I LOVE Thanksgiving :) I love any holiday that brings family together and reminds us all to give thanks :)

    Awesome pictures btw :)

  3. So funny, you show pictures of fall... look at my latest post ok!

    Halloween was a bummer. I don't really get into the holiday as a whole, but I like dressing up with my boyfriend and going to parties (not the, getting plastered and going home with someone other than the guy you came with, parties) but this year everyone celebrated Halloween on a different day! What's up with that?

    As for Thanksgiving... I will most likely have to work, but not until 11pm so I'm all yours for your cooking assistance... who is doing the turkey this year because I get a free turkey from work... maybe I could donate mine to the family, if its big enough. (Notice I said donate, because I am NOT cooking the turkey!)

  4. Hi Wendy! Glad to hear your MIL is healing. Your thanksgiving menu sounds wonderful! I'll be right over - loL! This year I'm having a pre-thanksgiving dinner at the cabin the weekend before for hubby's side of the family. And then the following wknd will be spent w/ my sissy. Thanks for the kind giveaway! Here's my email: shelleyupnorth at gmail dot com.

  5. My dogwood never looked so beautiful. It must be your northern exposure.
    BTW, Canada has a Thanksgiving Day, too. Not the same time, though. Still, if your family comes from Canada, you can have two Thanksgivings. It's also my favorite holiday. And I agree with you on Halloween: it's dopey and way, way overdone.

  6. I like what Stephen king said under your header picture..So true!
    Your Dogwood is pretty. Ours started out looking like your but now they are all a dark red, they still have there leaves.
    Glad that Barbara is home and doing so much better...not fun being sick.
    If you are having Thanksgiving I guess that means you are not coming down for Thanksgiving.
    My favorite holiday is Christmas...I love all the decorations, I even like all the hustle and bustle. Everyone is in a good mood, to bad it only at Christmas time for most. I do say
    Congrats to Shelly.
    I would love to read "The Year of Wonders" Love historical fiction.