Illness, leaves and wineries

WHAT'S HAPPENING - My husband's mom has been in the hospital. She had an Ulcer that ruptured and caused infection. She is on IVs for nutrition and antibiotics and she has an NG tube to keep things out of her stomach etc. so hopefully it will all heal on its own. She is not really in much pain now, it is all just a "pain in the neck" if you know what I mean. She is miserable because of everything that is happening and very uncomfortable. She just wants to get well, get all those tubes out and get out of there. I've been trying to get there every other day to visit and call her as much as I can. It is about a 35 min. drive so not too far.

Sunday a guy that my hubby works with and his wife came up from PA and we went to the wineries. It was a real nice day except for a couple sprinkles. We went to 7 wineries! Including a couple I had never been to. Then we went to dinner at O'Malley's on the lake. We all had a great time. I can't wait to open 1 of the 5 bottles of wine I bought!

Autumn is in full force, I guess you would say we are at "peak" right now. There is not too much green left, most of the trees are in full color.

Our house - 

TV -
DWTS - Only 7 left! My 2 favorites - Jenn Gray and Brandy are both still in it!
Amazing Race - Also only 7 couples left! My favorites are - Brooke and Clair (they are so funny), and Nat and Kat (the Dr.s) and the Father and daughter - Gary and Mallory.
Survivor - Still love Marty, but he better start being careful! He needs to start laying low, there are people who know how smart he is and want him gone.
Also still loving - The Good Wife, SVU, Raising Hope and Glee. "The Glades" is over for the season - :-(. and I have kinda started watching "Castle", I couldn't resist, he is too cute! I found myself turning it over for a few seconds just to look at him anyway so I figured what the heck, might as well just watch it!

KNITTING - Here are some socks I am working on for Glen, they are really comfy and are gonna fit real nice! -

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  1. I hope your MIL feels better soon. The leaves are so pretty, They are just turning downstate. I took some lovely pictures. I'll post them later this week.

  2. Here's hoping your MIL will get better quickly.

    Don't you just love fall? I love all of it, from the turning of the leaves, to walking through them. My favorite time of year.

  3. So sorry to hear about your mother in law.

    OMG your house looks amazing.
    What gorgeous color.
    I wish that happened down here.

    LOVE the gloves btw :)

  4. WOW ...a lot of leaves to rake.
    Pretty...we still have a lot of green leaves in the trees. It is getting colder here. Tuesday had a lot of bad bad bad storms move through. Tornadoes, straight line winds,a lot of power outages. They said that the winds were a hurricane 1 force winds. We were in a wind advisory and tornado watch all day.

  5. HOpe your MIL heals quickly! Fall looks beautiful around your home! IF I lived by you, I would be hitting those wineries with you all the time!! LOL!!