WHAT'S HAPPENING - We celebrated my daughter's birthday on Sunday with a simple party with the grandparents. My hubby was home too. She got some real nice gifts. I won't tell you everything because she will prob. want to write it all on her blog. But here's a picture for you. Have you ever seen anyone so happy to get a vacuum?
One of the other gifts I got her was a "Shopping Spree" to buy her some new clothes, like dress pants for work. She came over for dinner, I made manicotti and garlic bread. Yum! But first we enjoyed a glass of wine.
For her birthday cake, I made an Oreo Cheese Cake! I knew she would love this because Oreos are one of her favorite foods.

The Steelers won against the Titans, Yea!!!! This makes them 2 - 0.

TV - All the shows start this week, yes, I am so excited! Tonight is DWTS (dancing with the stars).
Last week Survivor started - Wendy was voted off (it had to be a Wendy) I liked her at first but then she got kinda weird. I like Marty, so keep an eye out for him.

KNITTING - I have taken no pictures of knitting lately. I'll try for next week.

BOOKS - read "Time is a River" by Mary Alice Monroe. Mia is a breast cancer survivor who finds her husband in bed with another woman (the scumbag!) she goes off to stay in a rustic cabin in the mountains to "find herself" and ends up finding so much more. This book was really good, sometimes hard to read (especially if you know someone who has or has had breast cancer), and it is a little slow in a few spots but I really liked it! It had very good character development, and a great ending.
I'm gettin excited about the read-a-thon (RAT from now on). Yesterday I spent some time making a list of books. Again I'm picking books that are either YA or short, easy reading books. I think all the books I chose have 250 pages or less. Probable next week I will post a list of books.

A Sea of Books - "God and Dog" by Wendy Francisco (This is the cutest book!!!!!)
This will be your last chance to sign up for "Opur's Blade" by James Ross

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  1. Awwww....my little Ashley is becoming domesticated! I love it. You know you're growing up when you no longer want personal gifts because you'd rather have things for your home, hence - a vaccuum cleaner.

    Love you Ash!


  2. Yes, she really looks happy to get a vacuum cleaner.
    Looks like she had a nice birthday.
    I see Hello Kitty joined the party!
    Where was Martina?
    The Oreo Cheesecake look delicious.
    Can't wait to see your knitting.

  3. YAH TV week!
    I think Castle starts tonight. Whoooot!

    That cake looks amazing :)

  4. I am glad your daughter had a nice birthday and that cake looks yummy.

    I'm glad TV is back, I'm watching House at the moment.

    I wish I could join the RAT, *sigh*. It is on a Saturday again...right? Can't do it, my guitar class gets in the way. I should just do my own RAT. :)

  5. The funny thing is, I really was that excited about the vacuum cleaner!! Its exactly what I wanted and its so cute and red!! Paula, your comment made me laugh! I just love getting new things for my apartment!

    Can't wait for the RAT, I signed up!

  6. What a great way to celebrate her birthday - the gifts and the meal sounded great!!