Happy Birthday!!!!

 Happy Birthday oh wonderful daughter of mine!
Today (wed. 15th) is my daughter's 22nd. birthday. I know, I know you are probably saying "My! a 22 year old daughter??? Why you look so young!" Thank you, thank you! But alas, yes I am the mother of a 22 year old.  It just doesn't seem possible, the minutes, the days, the years just flew by! I am mother to an adult! I have to brag a little, I have earned the bragging rights. My daughter is really a wonderful person. She was a great kid, smart, funny, happy, and she is just as wonderful as an adult! She certainly has her head screwed on right! She makes good choices, has a good job, a good boyfriend, has a cute apartment. She is very intelligent but knows how to have fun. Happy birthday - my dear!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - The kids are settling in quite nicely to the new school year. Once again I have a great group of kids! My 2 new ones are learning the rules and are actually fitting in nicely.
The Steelers won their first game. They played against the Falcons and won in overtime.

Over the summer, I deeply fell in love with "Iced Coffee"! I never used to like it and now I love it. I think it totally depends on how you fix it. So I thought I would give you my recipie -
In the morning, when you make coffee, make a little extra to save for later.
It is best to use a nice big plastic cup like this with a lid, pour in the plain coffee and put in the frig.
Later in the afternoon, take the coffee out of the frig. do not add sugar! add a sweetened creamer instead. One of my favorites is - Sweet Buttercream by International Delight, this adds sweetness without adding flavor. then add some ice and Voila! you are ready to drink. The coffee is already cold from being in the frig. so the ice won't make the coffee too weak. It is awesome and very thirst quenching.

TV - Here's what I'll be watching this year -
Mon.- DWTS, on at the same time is House, don't know if I'll record it or not.
Tues.- Glee, DWTS, Raising Hope, The Good Wife, Parenthood, thank you Lord for DVR!
Wed.- Suvivor, SVU
Thur.- catching up on recorded shows from Tues.
Fri.- Depends on what football game is on, and watching recorded shows
Sat.- spend time with the Hubby, time off of TV.
Sun.- Amazing Race, Ice Road Truckers (don't know when that is ending) The Glades
What will you all be watching?

KNITTING - I found the greatest website! If you are a sock knitter, go HERE
The site shows the formula for knitting a sock. It does give the direcdtions for knitting a sock further down the page. But I just love this chart. it is the formula, like if you start with 48 stitches - this is how many heel stitches there should be and how many on each needle. This is great! I an so excited! I knew something like this should exist but just recently found it.
It makes knitting socks a heck of a lot easier!

BOOKS - Just started "Time is a River" by Mary Alice Monroe, and loving it!!!!! Book review next week.
 Its - Read-a-thon time again!!!! Yea! Mark your calendars, set your clocks, choose your books, and get ready to read. Once again I think I will be reading easy reading YA books. I will be posting my list of books when it gets closer. I didn't think Ashley would be able to do it with me this year because of work but she got the day off, so she will be doing it with me! I tell you it is soooo much better doing it with someone else. You can keep each other awake. Read out loud to each other when one goes to the bathroom and do challenges together.

Peeking Between the Pages - Come Sunday, by Isla Morley
Peeking Between the Pages - What we Have, by Amy Boesky
And my giveaway - Opur's Blade, by James Ross

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  1. Happy Birthday Granddaughter!
    Seems like I have said these very same things about you!

    I passed the sock site onto a few friends. Thanks.

    Thanks for the heads up on contests...you know how I like these.

    I have always liked iced coffee.

    Can't wait for the new House series, have been watching it from the beginning.
    WooHoo The Glades!!!!! Love this show.

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! And yes Wendy, I definitely think you look to young to be the mother of a 22 year old!
    I'll be watching the same shows as you on Tuesday - thank goodness for AT&T U Verse!

  3. Happy Birthday from your favorite cousin!!! Wink, wink.

    Here's to many more!!! You are a beautiful person who has so much to offer this world and I am proud to be a part your world.


  4. Ahhhh she's a very pretty girl! Happy birthday to your daughter :)

    Yummmm iced coffee :)

  5. Thank you everyone and mom, I couldn't have asked for a better mother! You should celebrate this day too because if it weren't for you I wouldn't even be here! I should be thanking you on September 15th!!! Your blog made my eyes tear up! I am so happy you are proud of me, I always strive to make you proud. I love you so much, you are the best mother and my best friend!

  6. Wish your daughter a very happy birthday from me!

    Thanks for the iced coffee recipe...I love iced coffee but never make it for myself...I will try your recipe.

    Happy Reading, Wendy!

  7. Happy birthday! I'm excited for Survivor to start! The reality shows this summer haven't been that great. Amazing Race will be awesome, too!

  8. Tell your daughter I said Happy Birthday. I hope she had a wonderful day.

    I am starting to get into Glee. I tried to avoid it, but since my daughter likes it, i watch it by default, and it is actually pretty good.

    Can't wait for the fall season to start. I miss House & Bones.

  9. Thanks everyone! It was a great day!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. My baby girl is 22 in October..so I know how you feel.

    OMG... (yeah I wrote that) .. I love Iced coffee. I am boring...I just use cold left over, half and half and splenda.. I shake it in a plastic martini shaker. I have been drinking them all summer.

    Have a great week!!