Birthday week!

 New computer!!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Glen was home for the weekend. We went up to Auburn (about 45 min.) and ate breakfast on the way. We went to Bass Pro Shop in the Auburn mall. Glen let me pick out some clothes as an early birthday gift. Wednesday is my actual Birthday. I got 3 shirts and nice pair of "Reef" flip flops! You can never have too many flip flops, as I have proven!  Aren't they Beau-ti-ful???
Ashley come over for dinner Sunday night, Mac and cheese, one of her favorites. We all watched the finale of Survivor together, well... Glen slept through half.

I'm getting a new car!!!! Its a Ford Escape. By this time next month I will be driving this -

TV -      ********Spoilers********

Survivor - The End! I would not have picked any of the final 3, but I am glad that Sandra won over the others.
Dancing with the Stars - Final 4! I would have picked this final 4! All my favs are in the final! I love it! AND - Miley Cyrus is going to be on Tues!!!!! YAY! I love her, heeheehee I am such a fan.
American Idol - Final 3, Big Mike went home. So now it is between - Crystal, Lee, and Casey. Any of them could win and I'd be happy.
Mercy - OH MY GOSH!!!!! What a horribly sad sad ending! You think poor Veronica is psycho and depressed now, just wait! How unfair!
I love the Mercy Theme song and have Ashley desperately trying to find it as a ring tone for my phone.

KNITTING - I really have to start on Christmas gifts! But I have all this fabulous sock yarn that is just so irresistible!

BOOKS - Started reading "After the Darkness" by Tilly Bagshawe, stopped reading on page 57! I know this is probable a great book and some people would love it, just not me! Very confusing, way too many people, too technical, and just not enjoyable for me to read.
Switched to "You'll Never Nanny in this Town Again: The true Adventures of a Hollywood Nanny" by Suzanne Hansen. Read it in 2 days and LOVED it!!!! 5 stars! This is about a 19 year old girl from Oregon who took Nanny training moved to Hollywood and ended up nannying for one of the most powerful men in Showbusiness, a huge agent to the stars. To make a great story short - she quits and he threatens her. She then worked for Debra Winger, then Danny Divito and Rhea Pearlman.Very funny, very shocking true details, very enjoyable! Really makes you feel sorry for the children of the big stars.

CONTESTS - Last week to sign up for my giveaway -  Indivisible by Kristen Heitzmann

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  1. New truck? SWEEET! Congrats!
    Happy happy happy birthday!

    Ok so have you not been watching Lost?

  2. Did you watch the one before that? It was amazing! 3 characters died.

    Did you know this is the final week?

  3. Yup! Tomorrow is the last regular one then Sunday is the big finale.

    2 hour pre-show, 2.5 hour finale, and then later a special on Jimmy Kimmel.

  4. So many new things, that's so exciting!

  5. Christmas? Don't remind me how long it does take to knit all of those Christmas presents.

  6. Happy May 19th!!!!!
    Like your new car.
    Socks are cute, who r they 4?
    Sounds like you had a nice outing with Glen. Cute flip flops.

  7. I am oohing and aahing over your computer and your truck! :)

  8. Happy Late Birthday.. Love the computer.. and the flip flops. Your vehicle is swoon-worthy...and the socks are yummy.

    Have a great week!!