Just another week

Acrobatic squirrel!

Downey woodpecker.

Rose breasted Nuthatch.

White breasted nuthatch.

Another Martina picture.

New country singer, Josh Thompson. Where have you been all my life????

What's happening -
OK, I want you all to scroll down to the post "Still Holiday-ing" click on the comments and see where Caroline Leavitt, the Author of "Girls in Trouble" commented on my Blog!!!!!!!! Wow, I am so honored! Thank you Caroline for reading my blog! I look forward to reading more books by you.

I seriously thought I had put my cordless house phone through the washing machine. You all know I have a bad habit of leaving it in strange places all over the house. I took it upstairs with me to get some dirty laundry. I stuck the phone in the basket on top of the clothes to walk downstairs. I went in the laundry room and threw the clothes in the washer. When I was in the living room and wanted to make a call I couldn't find the phone. All of the sudden, remembering where I had it last, I gasped! and ran into the laundry room. I just stared at the washer listening for a chunk, clunk, but didn't hear any. I looked up into the basket and there it was! It must have fallen to the bottom when I threw in the clothes, phew! Close call! I really have to stop doing that.

My sister (and the whole family!) came over on Sat. There were 13 total (including kids). My sister roasted a turkey and brought it with her! When she and her boyfriend got here she just took over my kitchen, I LOVED it! I told her she can come over and cook for me anytime. It was a good day, I think everyone had fun.

I have two books coming for book reviews, so look for them in the near future.
one is -"The Choice" by Suzanne Woods Fisher.
And the other one -"The Long Way Home" by Andrew Klavan.

Knitting - Here are some pictures I have been promising you. This is some stuff I made for Christmas.

Small purse I made for my sister.

Felted purses for my daughter and one niece.
Leg warmers for my daughter. These were a real pain in the neck! I almost quit after the first one. I am so glad she loves them.

Books I have read -"Bookends" by Jane Green, Let me start by saying as a rule I do not like British books. I haven't found one yet that I liked, although I do keep trying. After this one, I think I will just give up! There just wasn't much happening here. This book reminded me very much of the TV show "Friends" while it worked on TV, it made for a really dull book. It was just kind ho hum everyday boring stuff until the very last 1/6 of the book. Then finally something exciting was happening. I would give the whole first 5/6 a 2 star rating and the ending a 4, so that averages to a 3, and I am being generous. Other people liked this book, I just didn't. AND while I love listening to a British accent I hate reading it! I swear some of the time I had no idea what they were talking about. Like - How are we Americans suppose to know that "The tube" is the train/subway? Here in America "the tube" is slang for TV. It took me a while to figure that one out. So stuff like that really throws off the plot.

Contests - Dar from Peeking Between the Pages is giving away a copy of "The Little Giant of Aberdeen County" by Tiffany Baker, sound like a really great book, it has gotten real good reviews! So go check it out!

A Sea of Books is giving away 5 copies of "Prime-Time Health" by William Sears, MD, it looks like it could be a very interesting book!

Toni at A Circle of Books is giving away a copy of "The Little Giant of Aberdeen" by Tiffany Baker also! So you will have lots of chances to win this book!

Top 5 - Sayings that you use all the time (please NO swear words).
1. "Oh my word!"
2. "Oh for heavens sake"
3. "Oh crap"
4. "run-a-muck"
5. "No way!"


  1. My phrases:

    1. What a dillweed. (sounds like you're saying something really mean but you're not)

    2. Hellllooo? (as in, don't you EVER listen to me? usually directed at my dear husband)

    3. Alllrriighty then. (Thank you, Jim Carey)

    4. Lemon out. (from 30 Rock. Just cuz it's fun to say)

    5. Blargh. (also from 30 Rock)

  2. How leggings!
    I like Josh Thompson!

    My Top 5:
    1. Brilliant! (Also used in a sarcastic fashion)
    2. Lovely.
    3. For real?
    4. Are you kidding me?
    5. For Pete's sake.

  3. I love your pictures! Martina is gorgeous as usual.

    lol about the phone. I'm bad like that with my keys as well.

    I love the leg warmers you made (that's what we call them). I keep thinking to make some for my mom as her legs get really cold now but I'm definitely not talented enough to make a pair that beautiful.

    Five sayings:
    1. fiddlesticks
    2. oh crap
    3. whatever
    4. oh for 'flips' sake
    5. flip ( a nice way for saying something much worse )


    Dar pointed out a mistake - I had called the leg warmers - Leggins by mistake.
    This has already been corrected.

  5. lol Wendy. I thought maybe you called them something different out there.

  6. Great knitting. Did you get your smoke ring started? They are pretty easy to design. Why don't you really start from scratch and design one yourself. I did one for Schaefer's last year I called "Frame your face".

  7. As always, a beautiful pic of Martina....that cat is truly gorgeous! I love the wildlife pictures as well.

  8. Love the pictures. I like to watch the nuthatches they are such clowns. Whats that white stuff that I see in the background? Could it be SNOW!
    I guess you were really busy with knitting. Love everything you made. The leg warmers are awesome. Is that a cable stitch?
    You had quite a house full, I can't imagine that many there.
    Top 5:
    1) Crap
    2) Ken, did you hear me?
    3) I am not a mind reader
    4) Whatever
    5) I'm not hungry.

  9. first things first.... WHO IS THAT ADORABLE SLICE OF HEAVEN DISGUISED AS A MAN? Josh Thompson? Never heard of him, what does he sing?

    I really do love the leg warmers, I've warn them almost every day since you gave them to me (except at work)

  10. Wow you made the legwarmers! They look amazing I am jealous.

  11. Ok....how do you add the multiple layers (causing pockets) on the felted purse(s)?? Been thinking on that one for a month or so. Haven't quite figured it out. Never seen it in a pattern either. I was wanting the pockets on the inside. But really like it on the outside now that I see yours.

  12. Thinking of knitting a beret. Love yours!! Inspired to knit one - this is a sign. :)

    4 sayings for me...

    1. Just call me Grace.
    2. Oh, my goodness...
    3. That is an excellent job!!
    4. Handle your business.

    Just a side note...love the tunes. I just noticed it is Train. I like another one of their songs also. WOW!!

  13. Wendy,
    Check out this wiki page on Ravelry for how to add the ravelry button to your blog.

    Hope it helps.