Heat wave in NY!

Oh an enemy elastic band attacking.
I shall defeated it!
Ah ha! It's mine!
I am defeated.

A flock of Morning Doves.

What's happening - A funny thing happened on the way to the blog...
I was listening to the newest Keith Urban song "Till summer comes around" I had heard it only a few times but everytime it reminds me of another song by another singer but couldn't figure it out. I was telling Ashley because Keith Urban is her favorite singer. Then all of the sudden I thought "Train" it reminds me of Train! So I got out my Train CDs (I have several) popped one in the CD player and thought "Wow, I love this group!!!!!" I had forgotten how much I love them! I texted Ashley and said "I am really loving this CD right now" I was dancing all around the house listening to "Calling all Angels" I never did figure out which song it reminded me of but I don't think it is Train. I am still happy though because I have put them on top of my CD pile!

We are having a heat wave! It has been in the 40's for about a week! I am not complaining, I love it. Glen, who is a snowmobiler, is not too happy though. He had off this weekend and wanted to go snowmobiling, but no snow on the trails.

I will have a few kids all day for Martin Luther King day. Maybe we can go for a walk since it is so warm outside.

I went shopping in Ithaca on Sat. by myself. Went to Kohls and got a couple pair of jeans and a sweater. Went to Barnes and Nobel and got 3 new books - "The sweet By and By" by country singer Sara Evans! It is a novel (not a memoir). "Whistlin Dixie in a Nor'easter" by Lisa Patton, and "Half Broken Horses" by Jannette Walls (Her first book -The Glass Castle was excellent!)

The Jets beat the Chargers in the play-offs! I am an official temporary Jets fan just till the end of the season (since the Steelers are out). Go Jets!!!

Knitting -

This a cute simple beret that I made, from start to finish, in 24 hrs.! I love it! It is soft and comfortable.

I have just started the "Bird's nest smoke ring". I am making it out of yarn I bought from PennyRose yarn, it is hand dyed superwash merino. This is her blog link - The Yarnarian. She has some really nice yarn, and her prices are very reasonable. You should check it out (Mom, Chris, Toni).

Books I have read - "Mission Possible: The Wonderful Story of God and a Wycliffe Translator in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea" by Marilyn Lazlo.
Wow! What a great book! 5 stars. This was one of the more interesting books I have read. Every chapter told about a new adventure. I found myself reading much of it out loud to Glen, so he enjoyed it too. It is about a missionary, a woman, who went to Papua New Guinea as a missionary and a translator. Back then they had no written language, no alphabet, so none of their language had ever been recorded. So she started at the beginning, learning the language, making an alphabet, teaching all the people how to read it, writing simple books for teaching, then start translating the bible! They built a school, a translation center, a church, a health center, a large steel boat used to spread the gospel, as well as a house for herself! What she did was amazing. I own this book so if anyone is interested in borrowing it let me know, it is worth it!
This was my first country in my
"Reading through 12 countries"
1. Papua New Guinea - January

Contests - Dar at Peeking Between the Pages is giving away 3 copies of "The last Song" by Nicholas Sparks!! Actually she is having tons of giveaways! So many I can't post them all so go here and just scroll down to find them all.

10 things that make me happy -
1. Books
2. Getting free things in the mail (books, samples, little gifts)
3. That first cup of coffee
4. Having my daughter over for dinner
5. Shopping when I actually have money to spend
6. My husband coming home
7. Listening to some of my favorite music
8. Pizza night
9. Watching my favorite shows on TV
10. Vacations! (not just going away, but when I actually don't have to work)


  1. Can I tell you how adorable the photos of your cat and Hello Kitty are.

  2. I love the cat and the elastic band. It's not easy to be a cat. People laugh at you.

    My yarn looks really nice in your pic. Yippee!

  3. Those pics of Martina are flantastic! I could just imagine her frustration.

    Your hat is gorgeous as is the color. I love the wool you're using for the Bird's nest smoke ring. It looks amazing and such a beautiful color.

    Thanks for posting about my numerous giveaways. I appreciate that you do that.

    10 things that make me happy:
    1. My dog
    2. Books
    3. My family
    4. My friends
    5. Coffee!!! (anytime of the day)
    6. Finally relaxing in the evening in bed with the dog cuddled up to me and a good book in hand.
    7. A warm summer rain.
    8. Flowers
    9. Yarn
    10. My favorite tv shows.

    Have a great week Wendy.

  4. Love the pictures....Cats are easily amused. They are so funny.
    Love the hat. It looks good on you.
    10 things:
    1]Chloe, my cat
    4]eating out
    5]going to dollywood
    6]raft-offs here in the summer[they are so much fun]
    8]living here in Tennessee[love it here]
    9]going for rides and seeing the country side
    10] shopping of course

  5. What an adorable hat! :) 40s heat wave? Cool! Our heat wave is 69 here in Florida.

  6. Oh that hat is just wonderful. It looks soft and cozy. I love making hats. Miss Kitty is cute and having fun too!
    Sometimes I love shopping alone.

    Things that make me happy

    1. Knitting
    2. Books.
    3. a fresh cup of coffee with cream
    4. a nice quiet dinner with good wine
    5. Dexter
    6. Family
    7. Alone time
    8. a Clean house
    9. a flower garden
    10. a sunny day

  7. That's really funny, I didn't think it's Train! I'm telling you, I think it's his other song, Tonight I'm Gonna Cry. Look it up, listen to it. You'll see. I'm glad you got reconnected with Train though haha.

  8. YOu've changed your blog layout! Love it! And your header is gorgeous! It's still in the 40s here too - I'm ready for it to get colder. My dog keeps rolling in the mud and I've had to give her several baths - LOL! Love your song choice - At my old job, right about quitting time, I had a colleague who would belt out this song - Calling all angels - and it always made me laugh and smile!