Having a nice Fall?

Is anybody missing a few leaves? If so, I think they got put in our yard by mistake.

Martina destroyed her homeless shelter! So we had to recycle it.

She quickly found some good low income housing though.

She moved right in!

What's happening -

I just signed up for something really fun.It is a secret Santa through Bloggers! You sign up and fill out a form that tells about you. Then you will receive a person and another person will receive you. You send your person gifts and you get gifts in return! Doesn't that sound cool? Here is the link - Holiday Swap You have to sign up by Nov. 12 so hurry!

I also just signed up to be a book reviewer through "litfuse" the button link for the site is on the right. I will not be reviewing my first book till Feb. but I am really excited about this! I have been thinking about signing up to be a book reviewer but didn't know if I really had the time. Well, you choose the ones you want to do, so if I am having a busy month, I just don't sign up for that one. Or if I am not interested in that book, etc. This sounded like something I could handle.

My husband's birthday was Mon. I had a little party for him on Sunday. I baked a cake (yes! I baked! only for birthdays) a white cake with yummy cocoa frosting. We had icecream, presents, family, good time. On Mon. for dinner I made him one of his favorites, Lasagna.

The Steelers win again! They are now 6 - 2, yea!!!!
We have had really nice weather. I am almost afraid to tell you. I don't want to jinx it. Monday it was 70! But only high 50's today, maybe we can squeek out a 60?

Books I have read - I read two great book this past week!

"Casting Spells" by Barbara Bretton, it took my four months to get this book from the library (I was on a waiting list that long), It was absolutely worth the wait! I loved it! This is certainly not the type of book usually read, but I am hooked! It is about a small town in VT that secretly harbors Witches, Vampires, Trolls, Werewolves, Faeries etc. The main Character, Chloe, is half witch and half human whose powers have not developed yet. If her powers don't develop soon the town will be doomed! Of course there is a mysterious death - enter handsome investigator! This is part mystery, suspense, love story, and funny! Very fun, quick, quirky read!

"Boneman's Daughters" by Ted Dekker. Boy I love this Author! He is Freaking amazing! He is every bit as good as Stephen King and Dean Koontz! It is suspenseful on every page. A serial killer is kidnapping young girls, breaking their bones, and leaving them to die. Ryan Evans is an intelligence officer who is alienated from his own family. When the BoneMan kidnaps Ryan's daughter, Ryan must take on this deranged killer himself to save her.

Contests - "At Home with Books" is giving away 5 copies of "Kissing Games of the World" by Sandi Kahn Shelton.


  1. I'm sure those leaves are annoying to rake but they sure are beautiful! Yay on joining litFUSE. I'm a member too and can't wait to get a book to review!

  2. Great pics! Martina looks very happy in her new home. I still need to read Casting Spells. The second one was really good and you already know I loved Boneman's Daughters.

    Sorry I've been so bad about visiting lately. I just can't seem to get back into the swing of blogging but I'm sure I will eventually.

  3. I've never seen her use that house before! Is that new behavior?? Maybe because you moved it to the other side of the room?

    I have to work a few mornings in a row until Monday, so sadly we wont be having coffee for a while. :-(

  4. I can't believe Martina did that to her shelter! Now she has a brand new one that is much better.
    Looks like she loves it!
    You baked!!!!YOU? :)
    Sounds like Glen had a great birthday.
    Lots and lots of leaves.Now you need a nice day to rake them up.

  5. No knitting photos for us to see? Seems you are reading more than knitting.