On to the next Holiday

Hmmmm... Who's the new bird at the feeder? I don't think I can identify him. Stripes, fur, chubby cheeks? Nope not in my bird book. Well as long as he gets along with the other birds and doesn't eat more than his share, he can stay. What's happening - Well, I am not a big fan of Halloween, sorry guys! Never have been. So, my household kind of skips over that "Holiday" and I use that term loosely. I've never considered it an actual holiday. Its OK, all the kids that I watch know I don't celebrate it. We make up for it at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Martina, on the other hand, dressed as a homeless person for Halloween!

On Sunday, Ashley, Micah, Glen and I all went to the corn maze. It was fun doing something all together. This is an areal view of it when it was green. It was all dried and brown when we went. It is a 10 acre maze! If you are not from the area, those are the NY Finger Lakes. We live right between the two biggest ones (Cayuga and Seneca). Knitting - Still knitting Christmas gifts! Can't post any pictures, sorry. But after Christmas I will post pictures of everything I had knitted. Kind of a catch up post. I did finish my scarf to go with my hat. so now I have a nice set for the winter. I really like them. I love it when you actually like something you knit!

People have asked me if I sell the things I knit.. No. It would not pay to try to sell them. To recover the cost of yarn (expensive these days) and the time put into it, who would want to buy a $20.00 hat or $30.00 socks? I would have to sell them for very cheep and It wouldn't be worth it. So I just enjoy making them as gifts.

Books I have read -
Before the Read-a-thon I was reading "The Well and the Mine" stopped reading it so I could read other books, then tried to go back to it and couldn't get into it. This is a book that I have been wanting to read so I think I will try again in a couple months. Instead I read "Place Last Seen" by Charlotte McGuinn Freeman. I give this book 3 1/2 stars, 50% good and 50% boring. It was about a child, 6 yrs old with Down Syndrome gets lost in the Sierra Nevada's on a hiking trip with her family. It was all "Search and Rescue" stuff which I love! It was the other part - the flash backs, that was boring. It did have a good ending though.

Caution, SPOILERS below!!!!!!


I have actually read quite a few books about lost children, search and rescue, abductions, etc. and they ALL have happy endings. That's what people want. They children are always found, alive, and returned to their parents. So, the whole time I am reading this I am thinking, she will be found as always. Everyone thinks the mom is a little "off", I thought she just seemed like a normal grieving mom. They don't like to have the parents help in a search because of lack of training, fear that they will ruin the evidence and throw off the search. Through the whole book the mom insists that she can find her because she know her daughter. So naturally I really thought the mom would be the one to find her, showing everyone! But... Months later one of the searchers goes back again and finally finds her body. Sad, very sad but refreshing to have a new daring ending! I am glad it ended this way. Because life doesn't have a happy ending.

Contests -
Nikola at "Nikola's Book Blog" is giving away 6 copies of "Coffeehouse Angel" by Suzanne Selfors. Sounds like a real fun book, I want to win! Also - Dar at "Peeking Between the Pages" is having a couple different giveaways. 5 copies of "The Gate House" by Nelson Demille, and one copy of "Pendragon's Banner" by Helen Hollick. So stop over there and check them out!

Speaking of contests.... I won a book from Peeking between the pages!!!! I am excited to win this book! It is "The Heretic's Daughter" by Kathleen Kent. So, you see, it can be done, you can win! But you don't win by not trying.

Top 5 - I love Thanksgiving so much I thought I would get started on my top 5 Thanksgiving lists. Top 5 favorite things to cook for Thanksgiving dinner (may not be your fav. to eat, just to cook). And if you are new to my blog, post your top 5 in your comments so we can all see them.

1. Stuffing - I love to make a huge bowl of stuffing, its pretty good if I do say so myself.
2. Candied yams - my family always request this, it is kind of fun to make. If you want my recipe let me know, its easy!
3. Pumpkin pie - NOT from a can but from an actual pumpkin! Hmmm imagine that!
4. Squash - its so easy, split it open pop it in the oven
5. Brown and serve rolls - again, my kinda cooking, put them on a tray and pop them in the oven.

Notice I don't have the turkey on there. I love turkey, and I do a great job of roasting one but it is not my favorite to do, kind of a pain in the butt. What are your favs to cook? I think I will do a recipe exchange post, maybe next time.


  1. So you take photos, knit and read? OK we have way too much in common. LOL!! you wouldn't happen to have a flickr page?

  2. I think that strange bird is called a squib! I have seen them also in my feeders. Cute little guys. They have funny feathers.
    Congrats on winning a book.
    Love Rod....
    Great pictures. That corn maze looks like it would be hard to do.
    Top 5:
    1. squash (butternut)
    2. stuffing
    3. pecan pie
    4. yams
    5. pumpkin pie
    Not to fond of turkey either.
    Have a great Thankgiving!!!
    Love, Mom

  3. These photos are so great. Don't you love the ways all cats are attracted to boxes and large bags??

  4. I love Martina's costume as a homeless person! The box is the perfect touch.

    I also could not get into The Well and The Mine...I had really looked forward to reading it. I was disappointed. I seem to remember being confused about the different characters narrating each chapter.

    My Top 5 Thing I Love To Make For Thanksgiving:

    1. Sweet Potato Casserole
    2. A lovely browned Turkey
    3. Green Bean Casserole
    4. Stuffing
    5. Pumpkin Pie

  5. oh JALP... Just another lovely post!!
    Can't wait to see what those lovely fingers knit up for the holidays. I need happy ending... because life is so rough .. such a wuss I am...

    Thanksgiving Rocks...

    1 Stuffing and cranberry sauce.
    2. Turkey gravy (homemade) and potatoes.
    3. Brown and serve rolls.... all the way.
    4. Turkey Turkey Turkey.
    5. and left over turkey sandwiches, with salt, pepper and mayonnaise....on soft white bread (gasp).

  6. 1.Waldorff salad
    2.Brown paper bag Apple Pie
    3.No bake Pumpkin pie
    4.Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting
    5.Apple bread

    Can you tell i'm the one who bring desserts?

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  8. You are getting me very hungry for Thanksgiving food. mmmm