Tomorrow's the big Read-a-thon!

8:00 tomorrow morning (Sat.) I will begin reading. I will read till I can't read no more. I will read till my eyes can't stay open. I will read till my body aches and I am stiff. Doesn't this sound like fun? Then when I am done reading at 8:00 on Sun. I will probably take a nap, then think about which book I will read next!
Some exciting news - my daughter is going to do this with me. She has to work right in the middle of it but she will come over before for a few hrs. and come over in the evening. She will stay the night and we will read together, side by side, trying to keep each other awake. This is her blog so you can check on her too -
diagonally parked in a parallel universe

All but one of my library books came in. I am so excited I can hardly wait. I kept looking at them just wanting to start reading one.

We have lots of small snacks planned to help keep us awake - apples (these are good for a quick pick-me-up), popcorn, chips and salsa, cappuccino!, and reg. coffee (but not too much at once, don't want to get burn out).

I hope this does not turn out to be us!!!!

We are both going to keep journals next to us so we can keep tract of what we are reading, how many pages and times.

My first post on Sat. will probably be around 10:00 so check back to see how I am doing. Then I hope to post every couple hrs. or so.

Wish me luck and talk to you later!


  1. I'm excited... going to get lots of sleep tonight... what time do you want me at your house tomorrow? 7:30? I'll get ready for work before I come and I'll read in work clothes so I can just go to work right from your house... and then I'll read on my break at work. I'm excited... have I mentioned that.

  2. Wow, this sounds like so much fun! (in my mind, I'm seeing my husband roll his eyes). I'm jealous! Enjoy.

  3. How fun that you and Ashley will be doing it together! I wish I had someone to keep me awake but all I'll have is a sleeping dog. lol. I went and bought way too many munchies that aren't good for me so I'm all set. Apples are a good idea though. I should throw a few of those into the mix as well. lol. Good luck!!! I'll be popping by tomorrow to cheer you on.

  4. Yay, only a few more hours. I'll start at 8am here too. You should go read about my RAT woes. So much stuff came up, I am so annoyed, but I'm going to do this!! You are so lucky to have someone doing this with you. My daughter is only 10 and she won't be home most of the day and son, who is 18 is at college, and he'd probably laugh at me if I asked him to do this with me.

  5. I will be watching. I have to work and have to reinvest time in my chores and sleep this weekend. I will be with you in spirit.

  6. And I thought I read alot. It is too late, but I just finished a real page turner...Family Tree by Barbara Delinesky (I might not have her name spelled correctly)

  7. That's fun that your daughter is going to do this w/ you! I read the Salt HOuse and liked that book. Interested in hearing your reviews on the others too! Good luck! I'll check in w/ you tomorrow Sis!

  8. Best Wishes. I would never be able to stay awake. Am reading a book about the Seneca Army Depot when it was an Indian settlement right up until today. It's a novel by Michael Karpovage entitled "Crown of Serpents." A friend gave it to me. The Romulus Historical Society has it for sale. If you want to read it I'll be glad to loan it to you when I get finished.