As I mentioned last week, I will be joining the Read-A-Thon this time. I wanted to do it in April but we went away that weekend. When I talked to my husband to make sure this would be a good weekend, I told him I would like to join a 24 hr. read-a-thon. He said "So what is going to be any different than normal?" Such a smart a$$! He already picks on me about reading while I am cooking (that is why I picked that picture above). Now when he comes home and sees me reading while cooking, I say "I'm practicing, honey!"
It is from Oct. 24-25. I am a little confused about the time??? If you are in the same time zone as me and doing the read-a-thon (Dar? Missy?) What time are we suppose to start? I found the time zone chart (8:00 am, right?) So my first posting will be around 10:00ish. I have never done this before so I will learn as I go. The general idea is to read for 24 hrs. straight (or as much as you can). Yes, you do get bathroom breaks and food breaks. And you are suppose to check out other peoples blogs and regularly post on your own blog. You should keep tract of what you are reading, how many pages, etc. I think there are prizes, and challenges but I am not sure how they work yet. I will be posting on my blog probably every other hr. (we'll see). So... if you are doing the read-a-thon or even if you are not, please come check out my blog on those two days and please cheer me on and give me encouragement! My friends and family can call me a couple of times to wake me up, if you will!

I ordered some books from the library for this occasion as well as having some of my own.
So here is the complete list -

Books I own-
Where the Willows Grow - Kim Vogel Sawyer (Christian Historical Fiction)
Girls in Trucks - Katie Crouch (southern womens fiction)
Mission Possible - Marie Laszlo (Memoir about a missionary in Papua New Guinea)
Crossing Over - Ruth Irene Garrett (Memoir about an Amish woman leaving the Order)
Busy Woman Seeks Wife - Annie Sanders (Chick-Lit)
Rose Flower Creek - J.L. Miles (just added!, Young Adult Fiction)

Library Books-
Into the Wilderness: The Long Hunters - Rosanne Bittner (Hist. Fiction)
Without Reservations: the Travels of an Independent Woman - Alice Steinbach (Travel memoir)
So Many Enemies, So Little Time: An American Woman in All the Wrong Places - Elinor Burkett (Travel memoir)
A Barn in New England: making a home on three acres - Joseph Monninger (Memoir)
Night Flight - Antoine de Saint Exupery (Fiction)
Goat Song: A season of life, a short history of herding, and the art of making cheese - Brad Kessler (Non fiction)
Born Amish - Ruth Irene Garrett (Non fiction)
Cold Rock River - J. L. Miles (Young Adult Fiction)
The Salt House: A summer on the dunes of Cape Cod - Cynthia Huntington (Memoir)

I think it is good to have a lot of books so you can pick and choose.

This is the hat I made from the yarn I won from Toni's site "A Blog of my own". It is also a pattern that she had on her site as one that she had made, I love it!

Martina says - "This cardboard box my not be suitable for the homeless, but it is just fine for me!"

It's squirrel time again!

***My next blog post will be on Fri. to update you on the read-a-thon that starts on Sat. morning. Please check back to cheer me on.


  1. Mom I work saturday during the day... is there any way I can do the readathon with you? I'm off sunday

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm reading Trinity right now. What an amazing story.

  3. Wendy! You will LOVE Roseflower Creek...it is one of my all time favorites! I bought a copy for myself I enjoyed it so much.

    That is a good question about the time zones...I have no idea. I will not be participating, but will be a cheerleader. :)

  4. Good luck on the read a thon! I will be rooting for you!

  5. Looks like a great list. Good luck this weekend!

  6. Good luck and have lots of caffeine during your readathon! I'm a voracious reader like you - but don't think I can stay up that long!

  7. Love the hat! Good luck with the read~a~thon! I don't think I could do it.

  8. The hat is fantastic. I love it.. Yours is just perfect. Mine was on the short side. Your "model" is too darn darling!