OK, OK! I give up, its fall!

Action shot!
She still hasn't learned to fold the laundry.

What's happening - Alright everybody, I give up! Its fall. I am packing my flip flops away and getting out my socks. I wore my flip flops to the school the other day and froze my feet.

Well, our best friends - Donya and Danny, are moving away. This Friday they will be leaving for Texas. I am happy for them, that they are going back to Texas but we will miss them so much!

Frustration, frustration! I wanted to read "Casting Spells" by Barbara Bretton for my Vermont book. It is a part knitting (casting) and part witch (spells). I can't get this book! Five libraries in our system have this book and no one is letting it out to other libraries. It is a 2008 so it is not new. I don't know what the problem is. I really don't want to have to buy it just to read it. And I really hate to have to choose another book. If anyone has a copy they can loan me, I promise to read it fast and mail it right back! Has anybody else had a frustrating book situation?

I watched the first show of "Mercy" and I have to say... I LOVE IT!!!!!! What a great show! Its all about nurses bashing Doctors, women bashing men, its great! This just might turn into my favorite show! If you haven't seen it yet, its on Wed. at 9:00 (eastern). The first shows of House and SVU were both great! Watched "Trauma" last night, also great! I also watched "The Good Wife" staring Julianna Margulies (she played on ER as nurse Hathaway, married to Dr. Doug, George Clooney) this show was also great! So that's it my shows for the season. Also including - Survivor, Amaz. Race, and Dancing with the Stars. Anyone know when American Idol starts?
The Steelers have lost two games in a row. Not happy!

Knitting - I am starting a sweater! One of my friends gave me enough yarn and it is beautiful! Cute little sweater. Most of it is just knit so I can knit when I am with the kids. I am getting a lot done fast. So far I love it.
I am also knitting a lace scarf. This one takes concentration so I am not knitting it when I am with the kids. Going much slower. I finished the socks I was making, I love them. They are so comfortable.
Books I have read - Skin, by Ted Dekker. Wow, wow, wow, maybe one of the most suspenseful book I have read (next to "Three" of course, also by Ted Dekker) This guy just keeps getting better! If you like Stephen King, you will love Ted Dekker! This is about 5 people who coincidentally?? are thrown together. People in the town are dieing, and they have to stop the killer, Red. They have to do what he says. Its simple, kill the one of them that is the ugliest. Only by now they are getting close to one another, having feelings for each other and none of them are capable of commuting murder. Then if you think that is suspenseful, the town disappears and they are in the middle of a desert! Very well written, 5 stars for Ted Dekker!
From Dar at Peeking Between the Pages, I won a copy of "BoneMan's Daughters" also by Ted Dekker. I haven't been able to read it because of my reading challenge, so that is something I am looking forward to.

Contests -Dar is having a new giveaway, "Highland Rebel" by Judith James at Peeking Between the Pages.
Erin is having a contest at her website - Erin Quinn Books

Reading through the states - Only two more to go!!!!!!
Alabama- Florabama Ladies Auxiliary and Sewing Circle, by Lois Battle (14)
Alaska- Building from Within, Joan Koponan (15)
Arizona – Whispers, by Erin Grady (13)
Arkansas – Sweet Baby, by Sharon Sala (18)
California – Echoes, by Erin Grady (1)
Colorado- Tomboy Bride, by Harriet Fish Backus (16)
Connecticut – Perfect Family, Pam Lewis (32)
Delaware- Unspoken Fear, Hunter Morgan (36)
Florida - In her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner (2)
Georgia – Wild Card Quilt, by Janisse Ray (25)
Hawaii - Flip Flopped by Jill Smolinski (22)
Idaho – Indian Creek Chrinicles, by Pete Fromm (11)
Illinois - The Perfect Match, by Kimberly Cates (20)
Indiana- Prep, Curtis Sittenfeld (26)
Iowa – The Learning, Love Beyond A Lifetime I , by Ruthann Weaver (3)
Kansas – Waiting for Summer’s Return, by Kim Vogel Sawyer (10)
Kentucky – The Believers, By Janice Holt Giles (6)
Louisiana – Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris (40)
Maine- Waiting for the Moon, Kristin Hannah (34)
Maryland- The Old Family Farm: Farm Life 100 Years Ago, by George Grier (47)
Massachusetts – A Year by the Sea, by Joan Anderson (4)
Michigan- What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day, by Pearl Cleage (35)
Minnesota – Hit by a Farm, by Catherine Friend (7)
Mississippi- The Help, Kathrine Stocket (28)
Missouri- Language of Sycamores, Lisa Wingate (30)
Montana – My Hutterite Life, by Lisa Marie Stahl (9)
Nebraska- My Antonia, by Willa Cather (43)
Nevada- Skin, by Ted Dekker (48)
New Hampshire – Handle With Care, by Jodi Picoult (23)
New Jersey- Welcome to the Departure Lounge, Meg Federico (29)
New Mexico- Once Upon A Day, Lisa Tucker (41)
New York - The Lives they Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic, by Darby Penney and Peter Stastny (12)
North Carolina – Scrambled Eggs at Midnight, by B. Barkley & H. Hepler (8)
North Dakota- Nothing to do buy Stay, Carrie Young (33)
Ohio- A Date with the Other Side, by Erin McCarthy (44)
Oklahoma- Children Of The Dust: An Okie Family Story, Betty Grant Henshaw (38)
Oregon- Homesick Creek, Diane Hammond (42)
Pennsylvania- William Henry is a Fine Name, by Cathy Gohlke (45)
Rhode Island- The Maidenstone Lighthouse, Sally Smith O'Rourke (39)
South Carolina - Bastard out of Carolina, by Dorothy Allison (5)
South Dakota- A claim of Her Own, Stephine Grace Whitson (27)
Tennessee - The Ballad of Frankie Silver, by Sharyn McCrumb (24)
Texas- A Month of Summer, by Lisa Wingate (46)
Utah- Heart Breaker, Karen Robards (37)
Vermont- Plan to read - Casting Spells, by Barbara Bretton (thanks to Shanyn)
Virginia - Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl, Susan McCorkindale(31)
Washington - North of Beautiful, by Justina Chen Headley (19)
West Virginia – Lick Creek, Brad Kessler (reading right now)
Wisconsin – Tyler: Whirlwind, by Nancy Martin (17)
Wyoming – Letters of a Woman Homesteader, by Elinore Pruitt Stewart (21)

Top 5 - things you like about fall
1. A country dirt road covered with leaves
2. Cooler temps.
3. Fewer bugs!
4. Good shows start back up on TV
5. Football!


  1. Martina doesn't fold laundry? I hope she's at least paying rent then. Lazy cat!!!

  2. Wow, Wendy, you are going strong on your challenge! How many more states do you have to go??? That's amazing!

    BTW, thanks for mentioning my contests. Next month I have a Breast Cancer Awareness contest. :)

  3. Great pictures...When are you going to teach her how to fold the clothes?
    Top5: Most of your top 5 is what I don't like about fall.
    1) TV shows are back!!!!
    2) Sweaters I have made now I can wear.
    3) Dollywood and the their fall featival
    4) The Foothills Fall Festival in Maryville
    5) Not to much yard work to do.

  4. I can send you the second one in that series if you can't get the first, since it's still in Vermont :)

    1. Leaves
    2. Hot Cider
    3. My birthday
    4. Brisk days are good for reading
    5. Sleeping in the cool at night

  5. Loved seeing your kitty in the laundry basket - cute! And your knitting projects are incredible - love those socks!! And yes - I like that show The Good Wife too!

    Top 5 things I like about fall:
    1. The color of the leaves
    2. Time to turn on the fireplace!
    3. Pumpkins
    4. Fall Festivals
    5. I can wear fleece or wool sweaters!

  6. Top 5 things I like about fall
    1. Apple picking
    2. Back to school
    3. Sweater knitting
    4. Eating oatmeal on a cold morning
    5. New tv season (House is so good this season)

  7. The socks turned out so good. Wish I had mine on right now, my feet are cold...work. They think we don't need heat. The sweater is going to be very pretty.