Happy 21st Birthday to my Daughter!

My lovely daughter
Not to be confused with my lovely cat!

"Ok, Mom - I am packed and ready to go to the Adirondacks!" We would take her but she is a terrible car rider!

Something is not right in this picture. Can you pick out the item that is not in the right place?

What's happening - My baby turns 21 today!!!!! Being the non-partier that she is (boring, just kidding!) we thought that instead of going out drinking for her celebration like so many 21 year old's do. We are going wine tasting this weekend! Then Sat. evening we will have a little party for her with Glen's parents.

The Steelers won their first game against the TN Titans! Whoop, Whoop!

First thing this morning, when I logged onto the internet, This was the first thing I saw - Patrick Swayze dies at age 57 I just sat there at my computer and cried for 10 min. I was like every other redblooded American woman my age, I was hot for Patrick Swayze. I think what made it harder was that he was not some older, overwieght, unhealthy guy. He was always known for his looks, his body, his body (oh yeah I said that already). It just doesn't seem right. I LOVED some of his movies! "Road House", I think I have seen about 15 times! "Ghost" - at least 5-6 and of course "Dirty Dancing"!

Knitting - Almost done with the socks I have been working on. I will have pictures next time.

Books I have read - "William Henry is a Fine Name" by Cathy Gohlke, let me just say - WOW! this book is powerful good! I am going to make my daughter read this (not that I would have to "make" her) but it is that good. It is about Slavery, The Underground Railroad, freedom, and choices. It is about a youg boy "coming of age" during the pre-civil war time. His father is an Abolitionist and helps with the Underground Railroad. The boy, Robert, is forced to go with his mom (south) to visit his sick grandfather. Not only do they own slaves but they do not treat them nicely. Robert witnesses things he wishes he hadn't. Then he must choose between his Mother's and Grandfather's ways or his Father's (which at the time was illegal). I cried several times throughout this book, it really moved me.

Contests - Toni, at "A Circle of Books" is giving away 2 copies of "Traveling with Pomegranates" by Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor.
Shanyn at "Chick Loves Lit" is giving away - "Ruined" by Paula Morris.

Top 5 - favorite Patrick Swayze Movies (#1 being your favorite). This is a good link to a list of his movies - Swayze Movies

1. Road House
2. Ghost
3. Dirty Dancing
4. Red Dawn
5. Point Break


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! 21 years old...that's a turning point. Ah, to be that young again....and know what I know now!

    I, too, was saddened to hear of Patrick Swayze's passing. I loved Dirty Dancing, and always thought he was hot. Such a shame...it is a sad day.

    Wine tasting sounds like a fun activity! I'm jealous!

    Have a great week, Wendy!

  2. Happy bday to your daughter! Wine tasting sounds fun! I need to do some soon! Ha! And yes - sad about Patrick Swayze!

    All the movies you selected of his are my favorite too!!

  3. Thank you all. My boyfriend took me out for dinner at Applebees and I ordered a pina colada type drink that I've been waiting to be 21 to order and the waiter didn't even card me!!! I was so disappointed! Maybe they'll card me when I go wine tasting.

    I was sad about Patrick Swayze too, I just sat in front of my screen and said no! no no no.

  4. Happy 21st birthday to your daughter!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Ashley.
    Go to Ruby Tuesdays for the very BEST Mojito's!!!!! They are the best I have ever had. Wine tasting sound it so much fun.
    It was very sad about Patrick Swayze. He was so young(cute too).
    My favorite movies of his is Dirty Dancing then Ghost.

  6. Thank you for the link! Enjoy your time.. Happy BD to your girl. Mine turns 21 in October!! And yes.... Poor Patrick. What a sad day it was. Take care.. great post. Looking to see those socks!!!

  7. Road House was so good. I am also a real Sam Elliott fan, so it was double good for me. I agree that it was weird because he is my age!