Country Living

These are all pictures my daughter took when we went to our "Barn Property" just down the road. This is a sampling of country life.

What's happening -My mom sent me this email of interesting facts and it had this in it - The name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan; there was never a recorded Wendy before! I think I had actually heard that before.
I am watching kids for this week and two days next week. They have been really good. We have gone to the library, taken walks, eat ice cream, eat lunch on the front porch, watch movies, and play outside everyday. We watched this movie yesterday - "Alaska" - A missing father, A heroic search, an unforgettable family adventure. It was really good! Had me on the edge of my seat and the kids loved it. Lots of action.
My husband has been working closer to home lately so he is home for dinner every night. Kinda puts a cramp in my free-time LOL, just kidding I like having him home for dinner. I was going to say it is nice sitting and watching TV with him but he always falls asleep!

Knitting - I finished another purse and it is ready for felting. I have to get a button for the front first. Still working on my lime green socks, although I haven't been working on them much because of the kids.

Books I have read - "Language of the Sycamores" by Lisa Wingate, this was a good book, I had never read one of hers before. A wife from the city goes to visit her sister in the country and ffinds more than she thought she would. She find out things about her husband she never knew, lover for her sister, and a needy little girl. Very touching book.
"Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl", this book was very funny. The woman's husband has always wanted to buy a farm in the country so she reluctantly agrees. Being from 'Jersey and working in NYC, it is hard for her to adjust. The only thing I didn't like was that she kept giving references I didn't understand, like designers I had never heard of.

Contests - Ti from Book Chatter and other stuff is giving away FIVE copies of "Foreign Tongue" by Vanina Marsot.
Always visit Dar at Peeking between the pages, she has her give aways posted on the left.
Missy at Missy's book nook has hers posted on the left too.
A Sea of Books has some give aways posted on the right.

Top 5 - things you wouldn't do if you didn't have to.
1. Pay bills
2. Housework
3. Cook
4. Get groceries
5. Get headaches (I have one now)


  1. The Hubbo and I were just discussing the origin of the name "Wendy", and now you answered it for me.

    I love the little bag you showed previously. It's adorable.

  2. I got a mention!
    Enjoy the pictures as always.
    Can't wait to see the socks when they are done and your purse when it is felted.
    What is your next project when these are finished?
    Top 5:
    1] WEED!!!!
    2] Laundry
    3] Cook
    4] Grocery shop
    5] Change sheets

  3. Hi Wendy, great pictures as usual! I'd have to add wake up to an alarm clock to that list and go to work. :)

  4. Things I wouldn't do if I didn't have to:
    1. Have cancer
    2. Cook everyday
    3. Change messy diapers
    4. Clean house
    5. Shop for clothes

  5. I love your list....

    Instead of headaches I would also add weeding to my list.

    I must admit I haven't finished my first sock because I needed to fully concentrate and couldn't. Therefore I picked up some easier things to knit up. The sock should be done this week.

    I will need to pick up Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  6. Love the pictures.

    1.Go to work :(
    2.work the my new shift.( was work 7-4 now i'm 8-5 I don't like it!!)
    3.Deal with allergys
    4.Get headaches

  7. Wow... Country Roads.. take me home..
    awh.. just would love a pretty country get away...

    1. work
    2. shave legs.. :)
    3. pay for gas and utilities
    4. pull weeds
    5. clean carpets....

  8. Fune Blog; I just came across it!