Happy Mother's Day

Pictures - Lilacs!!!!

What's happening - We lost power this morning for a few hours! Our town and the next two towns north and south of us. Don't know why. School was delayed for two hours. So I had my children longer. They thought it was great fun- no school. I was worried about my ice cream!!!! When our power is out we also do not have phone service! AND... our cell phone service here SUCKS! sorry! So it was real fun trying to get a hold of all the parents to tell them about school and find out if they were coming. I had to call one family 4 times before I could say a full sentence. Which brings me to another point - I am getting a new cell phone! Should come today! I am excited! It is a fancy phone (compared to what I have had). I am hopeful that the reception will be a little better.
On Sat. we went to my In-Law's for my Father-in-law's birthday get together. It was nice, Boston cream pie! Yum! My daughter's boyfriend was up for the weekend so he came too, and he just fit right in.
I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! My daughter and hubby gave me 2 rose bushes! It looks like the roses are going to be an orange-red and a pale pink. I will take pictures when I plant them and again when they bloom. We also bought chicken BBQ (I love Chick BBQ!).
Today (Mon.) my hubby leaves for PA to work. He won't be home much this week, if at all! So... I will be lonely! Send me some extra lovin'! I told him, "Good now I can cook some of the stinky food I love that you hate!" He said - "Like scallops?" LOL YEAH! and maybe shrimp and some cabbage if I can find some. and I will make Mexican food too, he hates that!
My friend Chris should be home from the hospital now. I hope to be able to go and visit her this week. Please keep up the prayers. I can not tell you what is wrong because I feel that it is her business to tell not mine, but she has asked for prayers.
My parents are coming for a week from TN! They will be here on Fri. Yea!!!

Knitting - I have been knitting up a storm, I promise! I still can't show any pictures, soon!

Contests - Dar at Peeking between the pages is giving away 2 copies of "The Moment Between" by Nicole Baart. This sounds like a real good book. So be sure to enter! And if you win give it to me! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Books I have read - Flip Flopped by Jill Smolinski. I liked this book. It was fun, straight forward Chick-Lit. It takes place in Hawaii (so I can cross that state off my list). It is about a woman divorcing her husband for cheating on her, said husband is now living with the hussy/homewrecker. And he has the nerve to want full custody of their 5 yr. old son!

Top 5 - Favorite childhood activities or toys.
1. Barbies! Just ask my mom, my sister and I had a whole walk-in closet full of barbie stuff.
2. Books, once I got hooked on books I never stopped reading.
3. Coloring
4. Playing outside, my sister and I played outside all the time from what I can remember.
5. Jacks! Yes, remember those. Me, my sister and a neighbor friend used to play jacks all the time. I was VERY good! I could go from one to ten and back to one again without a mistake!

Oh my goodness! You are not going to believe this but just as I was finishing writing this - Fex Ex arrived with my new PHONE!!!! So I am going to open it and take a picture of it for you.- Notice it opens both ways. How fun! OK, gonna go play with my new phone now!


  1. HI, I'm almost packed. Will finish up tomorrow and pack car today and tomorrow for an early (5 AM) start Wednesday. What should I bring warm clothes or clothes for cold weather?????? I always OVER pack anyway.
    Our Lilacs are over and the roses have been out for about 3 weeks now. I like the smell of Lilacs.
    Strange with your electic, maybe a transformer blew somewhere.
    Say "HI" to Chris and I wish her a speedy recovery.
    Top 5:
    1] swimming
    2] swinging on my swing
    3] kick ball
    4] paperdolls
    5] riding horses with Joyce {a friend up the road had horses, I lived there].
    See ya Friday afternoon.
    Love Ya,

  2. Rose bushes are a great mother's day gift! Glad you got some! And congrats on your new phone- hope it gets better reception for ya! And my lilacs are blooming right now too - right with ya!

    Top 5 child activities / toys:
    1. Books (like you)
    2. Any ball game - kick ball, baseball, etc.
    3. My barbies (like you!) and barbie shopping center (it even had an escalator that I could put barbie's foot in and make her ride up to the 2nd floor!)
    4. Atari games
    5. Swimming in the lake

  3. Top 5 - Favorite childhood activities or toys.

    1) Barbies
    2) Outdoor play
    3) Coloring
    4) Supernintendo
    5) Writing/drawing

  4. Glad to hear you liked Flipped Flopped..will add that to my reading list.

    Five things about childhood activities:

    1. Making mint mud pies in coconut shells. An old purse which I ripped out the lining for coconut mud pies - made in the back yard.

    2. Attempting to break the World Record for holding our breath under water. LOL

    3. Playing Lava Monster on telephone poles that were laid down - an unfinished project of my Dad's. Red River Jubilee would be the monster. The greatest dog ever!!!

    4. Being dragged to museums - saw Tiffany lamps, Julia Morgan's Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright and many others. Didn't appreciate it when we were there of course BUT now...different story.

    5. Saved the best for last...didn't have a DVD player in the car for road trips which we took every Thanksgiving, Christmas and several other times a year ...Guess An Animal was our game of choice. To this day Guess An Animal is the BEST game from my childhood!!!

    Thanks Wendy for taking me down memory lane...what fond memories they are.

  5. The pictures are pretty, can I pick some tomorrow when I come over? I like the new phone, glad you like it :-)

    great song btw