The flowers are here!

Pictures -
1. My creeping phlox are starting to bloom
2. Flowering bush in the back of our house (the name escapes me!)
3. Hyacinths
4. Flip flop socks (or flocks) described in knitting section
5. My daughter modeling her new "flocks"
6 & 7. A Phoebe, I am very proud of these pictures! It is very hard to get pictures of these flighty birds! I love them, but is so hard to get close, and I got within 12' of them (there were two, I only took a picture of one.)!
8. Mama Robin
9. Purple finch

What's happening - Glen and I did yet some more yard work! We have 2 real nice apple trees at our barn property, but they were both so over grown. So we did some trimming (major trimming), we better get some good apples this year! I also did some more flower garden work. Saturday was 89 degrees! Sunday in the low 80's and Monday got up to 92! The rest of the week is suppose to be back down in the 60's. The kids helped clean out the birdbath and we got that set up for the birds. Of course the birds were so thankful. Our church started what they call "The Contemporary Service" It starts early 9:15 (which is real good for us). They play contemporary christian music (instead of hymns). It is alot more casual, no announcements, no bulletins, just singing, preaching "the message", and prayer. I like it! It is only once a month though, wish it was more.

Knitting - I found some patterns for "flip flop socks". I wanted to try them, they looked simple and cute. I didn't really love any one pattern so I combined about three to my liking. I have named them "Flocks". My first pair I gave to Ashley, I thought she would love them. I was right, she did! I made the pair in two days. Now that I have my basic pattern I can add details like cables etc. Let me know what you think?

Books I have read - Autobiography of a Face, by Lucy Grealy. This book is so good and so sad. Lucy at age 9 finds out she has cancer (Ewing sarcoma) and has most of her jaw removed at 10 yrs old. She under goes years of radiation and chemo therapy, years of disfigurement and taunting. Then finally thirty reconstructive procedures. The saddest part I did not find out until I was finished with the book and looked her up on the internet. She died in 2002 at age 39 of a drug overdose! When I read this I just sobbed. She had been through so much, lived through so much. I also found out that her best friend Ann Patchett wrote a book about Lucy's life and their friendship after she had died. I plan on reading it as soon as it comes in from the library. Boy, talk about how a book can affect you. I don't think I will forget this one very soon.

Reading through the states - I have decided to put my list on my blog only once per month, the first week of every month. So I will add the list next month.

Top 5 - Things you collect
1. Bookmarks (if you didn't know this, these make nice cheap gifts, and my birthday is in May! I have - too many to count, over 50)
2. Tins (I have 25)
3. Books about Alaska (I have 14)
4. The little ceramic animals that come in Red Rose Tea (I have 12)
5. Hello Kitty items (I have many! socks, shirt, earrings, tins, pez, toys, purse etc.)


  1. I collect:
    knitting needles
    yarn and knitting patterns
    bags - Eugene says I'm the leading bag lady
    children's books esp. religious
    rosaries - have one from every country we ever visited plus lots more

    Am having major surgery on Thursday. Pat can tell you more about it. Say a prayer for me if you have a moment.

  2. Those flip flop socks are adorable!! Loved all your flower and birdy photos today! I hope you are able to get some pics of the baby Robins when they hatch!

    Top 5 things I collect:
    1. Nature / Outdoor / Travel Essay books. (Alaska makes up a lot of them! See, we are sisters!)
    2. Loon items (Loons decoys, loon photos, anything w/ a loon that goes well in my cabin!)
    3. Cook books
    4. Decorative tiles (I have some pretty ones from Mexico. Still haven't done anything w/ them yet but I may make a mosaic table.)
    5. Rustic / North Country Christmas Ornaments.

  3. The "flocks" are cute. I hope they're not too hot though... they look hot.

    Top 5 - Things you collect
    1. any turtle things.
    2. activity books for two year olds
    3. shoes. (I love dress, summer, winter, high heels, sneakers, anything)
    4. cool earings. Like the ones that you make
    5. office supplies. (not sure why but i love pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, sticky notes, etc.)

  4. Azalea is the second picture. Like the bird pic's. Hope you can get some of the baby birds when they hatch. The flocks do look hot but they are cute.
    Top 5:
    1) Antiques
    2) trinkets from where I have vacationed
    3) books, old & new
    4) cat things
    5) depression glass, amber "Sharon/Cabbage Rose" & "Basket" yellow

  5. I love, love, love your flowers, and that flipflop sock pattern! It's so cool.

  6. Chris - I sure will pray for you!!
    Shelley - I will try to get pictures of the babies but it is on the house next door and way up high! It will depend on if they stick their little faces up over the top of the nest.
    Casey - I love cool pens and scissors!
    Mom- No its not Azalea, it has real long thorns all over it, I will have to look it up.
    Ruth - So glad you visited my blog!!! Thanks for the comment.

  7. Thanks for visiting our blog. In case Suzy didn't say, yes that is a main-coon cat. She loves him to death.
    Beautiful pics!

  8. Awh.. what a treat to visit your blog today. I love all the pictures... :) thank you for sharing.

  9. Thanks for the flocks they really are very comfortable. And your flowers look great. I love the red one by the driveway. I say hi to it every time I stop over.

  10. I collect....and here it is my collection is all my own. My family doesn't even know I collect them. The guys are oblivious to what I bring into the house. All because my mom collected unicorns when I was a kid and it blew up in her face...she had unicorns up the ying yang. Too many ugly unicorns. :) I was 7-8 at the time that was my mere impression.

    1. Polaroid cameras
    2. Statues of birds - owls seem to be predominant
    3. Yarn
    4. Beads
    5. Photos

    I like the pedicure socks. Very handy indeed!!!

    Are you on Raverly at all? If so would you like to be my friend? My username is really hard - cagrowngirl. ;)

    Alright my dear, have a wonderful weekend!!