Birds and flowers and kittys, Oh My!

Pictures -
Top 2 pictures - Male Goldfinches
Birds hanging from upside-down feeder. I am not sure, but I thing these might be Pine Siskins???? Anyone know?
Daffodils by my side porch (Photo credit - Ashley)
My sweetie Martina, like a princess, on top of the pillows.
Ha ha ha ha, sticking her tongue out when she sleeps.

I'm on vacation! No kids for a whole week. Boy, do I have plans. Yesterday I reorganized Ashley's old room. Looks much better. My husband walked in and went "Wow". I still want to move some of my craft stuff (knitting etc.) in there.
Other stuff to do - Clean bathroom, clean kitchen, "spring clean" playroom, change sheets on bed, wash and hang out towels, read, knit.

I met with Ashley today for coffee, then we went to the library. I picked up 4 great books - "Autobiography of a Face", "North of Beautiful", "Truck: A Love Story", and "The Crazy School". I have been wanting all these books for some time now. Lets see how many I get done before they are due.

This weekend Glen and I went to Ithaca for breakfast and shopping. Went to Staples, Petsmart, Barnes and Noble, and ate at Friendly's. My fish tank was down to only three fish and I have been wanting to get some new ones. So I got 12 new fish at Petsmart! All small ones, I have decided I only want small ones from now on.

Ashley spent the night Sat. night. We all watched "The Village" I love this movie! Then on Easter morning Ashley and I made breakfast (waffles, homefries, and bacon) then we went to church. In the evening we went to dinner with Glen's parents. It was a very nice Easter Day.

I am asking for prayers for a special friend of mine. Her name is Pat, and is kind of like a second mother to me. She calls me her daughter! She has been in such pain for a long time now, and just found out that she needs a hip replacement. This will be done in June. I will keep you updated.

Books - Welcome to Tyler: Whirlwind, by Nancy Martin. This was a quick little read. Quite simple and fun. Love story. That's all I have to say about that.

Reading through the States:
1. California - Echoes, by Erin Grady
2. Florida - In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner
3. Iowa - The Learning, by Ruthann Weaver
4. Massachusetts (Cape Cod) - A Year by the Sea, by Joan Anderson
5. South Carolina - Bastard out of Carolina, by Dorothy Allison
6. Kentucky - The Believers, by Janice Holt Giles
7. Minnesota - Hit By a Farm, by Catherine Friend
8. North Carolina - Scrambled Eggs at Midnight, by Brad Barkley & Heather Hepler
9. Montana - My Hutterite Life, by Lisa M. Stahl
10. Kansas - Waiting for Summer's Return, by Kim Vogel Sawyer
11. Idaho - Indian Creek Chronicles, by Pete Fromm
12. New York - The Lives they Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic, by Darby Penney and Peter Stastny
13. Arizona - Whispers, by Erin Grady
14. Alabama - The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary Sewing Circle, by Lois Battle
15. Alaska - Building from Within: Alaskans Who Build Their Own, by Joan Koponen
16. Colorado - Tomboy Bride, by Harriet Fish Backus
17. Wisconsin - Welcome to Tyler: Whirlwind, by Nancy Martin

Contest- Dar over at "Peaking through the Pages" is having a giveaway for BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker
I am a little late for this one(ends Wed.) sorry Toni "How Not to Look Old" by - Carla Krupp A Circle of Books.

Top 5 - Things you allow yourself to indulge in.

1. Coffee (I buy good coffee, I do not buy coffee from the grocery store, I usually buy from Gevalia or Gimme coffee, or from some other coffee shop)
2. Books (I do usually try to buy on sale, I also get from book swaps and the library)
3. Yarn (Always buying yarn!)
4. Going out for breakfast (My husband and I go out for breakfast every weekend)
5. Pizza (We get pizza every Fri. sometimes we get takeout and sometimes we go to Napoli's)


  1. I love the pictures! I look forward to your pictures you know. I love the one of Martina laying with her little pink tongue sticking out a bit. I just adore that in pets. So cute.

    Flowers-I am soooooooo jealous. Would you believe it's snowing here. Just this weekend I was sitting on my bench in the sun and today there is snow and quite a bit. The only saving grace is it won't last.

    Glad you got to spend some time with Ashley. I love The Village also. I'm glad you all had a nice Easter. Wendy I'm sorry about your friend; I will be praying for her.

    Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. Good luck! If you don't win I'll be giving away my ARC a little down the road too. Wow, I'm long winded today and I'm still not done. lol.

    Top 5 things I allow myself to indulge in:
    1. books, books, books
    2. coffee (too much of it)
    3. potato chips (too many of them)
    4. yarn (no where to put it anymore)
    5. too much internet time

    Have a great day Wendy!

  2. Top 5 - Things you allow yourself to indulge in.

    1. Coffee (I get decaf - but I usually buy it every morning on my way to work.)
    2. Avon - I always try to keep it around $20.00 per order
    3. Wine - You can never have enough wine!
    4. Going out for drinks (It's important to have time with friends)
    5. Food - I love eating out!

  3. Glad Pat is going to have her hip replaced. She will feel so much better once it is done.

    Things I indulge in:
    1.Things for my grandchildren
    2.Gevalia coffee - you convinced me it's ok to do that
    3. yarn of course even though I have a room and a half full of it and will never find time to knit it all up
    4. Books - love it when I'm in Fl and go to Borders outlet to load up. Use the library at home.
    5. Cookies - my absolute downfall. I try to bake only a few at a time because I can't leave them alone.

  4. Top 5 - Things you allow yourself to indulge in.

    1) Coffee of course. Dunkin Donuts
    2) Food. We go out once or twice a week
    3) Chips and salsa. I usually always have them in the house
    4) cheese. I don't care how expensive it is... if it's good, it's coming home!
    5) Idea/craft books for work. I like to buy the toddler/two's curriculum books. they are very informative sometimes!

  5. Wendy the pictures of the birds are beautiful. I love the last picture of you cat....it's great.

    5 things that I indulge in:


    I hope this finds you well!!!

  6. the pictures are great. I really like the one with Martina sticking her tongue out. So cute.
    Your friend will feel a whole lot better after she get her new hip and is all healed. She will be like a new person.
    Can't wait to see your new fish.
    Don't put too much in Ashleys old room. Won't be to long before we are there.
    Top 5:
    1) Yarn
    2) Wine
    3) Eating out
    4) Spending Ken's money (haha)
    5) Food for Chloe

  7. How do you already have 6 comments when you just emailed me about a new post?

    I will pray for pat. The Martina picture is adorable.

    5 things I indulge in
    1. Coffee
    2. Jewelry
    3. Pizza
    4. Photography
    5. Taking walks

  8. Your goldfinches and siskins are little gymnasts! LOL! Are you going to post pictures of Ashley's old room when you're finished???
    And of course I will pray for your sweet friend.
    P.S. I've decided you need to post more! LOL!!
    P.P.S. You did get your book back right? Hope you got the stickers too.

    Top 5 things I indulge in:

    1. Back massages (I figure I deserve one once a month. Especially since I don't spend more than $20 on haircuts.)
    2. Good cheese! (Goat cheese, smoked gouda - gotta have these!)
    3. Kitchen gadgets or a gourmet ingredient(I like pick up something new at least once a month)
    4. Pizza (like you!)
    5. Going up to the cabin for a 3 day weekend.