Look Ma, no cast!

Pictures -#1- I got my cast off! this is the splint I have to wear now.
#2 & 3- My new toys! Even Martina likes them.
#4- My little Steelers kitty!

I got my cast off on Wed. Now I just have to wear a splint/brace for two weeks then back to the Dr. I still can't do any lifting. I can take it off to shower (Yea!!) and I have to exercise it. He said to put my arm under water and make a fist then flex my hand etc. then after a while I can start to move my hand up and down to bend my wrist. Boy is it stiff and painful right now! I can hardly move my thumb. It does feel wonderful to get that cast off though! Knitting is just around the corner.

We got a new washer and dryer! Aren't they the prettiest things? I love them! Sometimes I go in the laundry room just to look at them. So does Martina, she will sit there for the longest time watching the clothes go around.

MY STEELERS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!! Wow it was a really close game. We literally won in the last 45 sec. of the game. I love games to be that close though. I really don't like a game to seem too easy. I like when it comes down to the last couple minutes, on the edge of your seat. I really like it when they go into overtime. I am so glad they won. So the Steelers are the only team to have won 6 superbowls!!! We are the winningest team in the NFL! GO STEELERS!

My latest book was "Bastard out of Carolina" by Dorothy Allison. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. If I could split the book into thirds, I would say the first third was great and the last third was really great, but the middle third was getting very monotonous. It was about a girl known as "Bone", how she lives through her family's poverty and the abusive hands of her stepfather. This book is very sad but does show wonderful extended family support! I do recommend this (just a little slow in the middle).

Reading through the States -
1. California - Echoes, by Erin Grady
2. Florida - In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner
3. Iowa - The Learning, by Ruthann Weaver
4. Massachusetts (Cape Cod) - A Year by the Sea, by Joan Anderson
5. South Carolina - Bastard out of Carolina, by Dorothy Allison

One of my "favorite blogs" listed on the right is having a giveaway. http://bookshipper.blogspot.com/ Sign up to win a copy of "The Agency" by Ally O'Brien.

Top 5 favorite appliances or gadgets (NO! computers and TV's do NOT count)
1. My new Washer and Dryer - Duh!
2. My new cappuccino maker
3. Outdoor Gas grill
4. Sandwich maker/griller
5. Crock pot

What are yours?


  1. I like your new washer and dryer....pretty pretty pretty! Love the color. Chloe also watches the clothes go round in mine. We call it her "Kitty TV".
    I bet it sure does feel good to get the cast off. How light your hand must feel. Just don't try and over do(this is the mother in me talking).
    Top 5:
    1)Cappuccino maker
    4)grind and brew coffe maker

  2. Mom, read the directions! LOL I said NOT you computer or your TV. So you have to pick a new #3.

  3. I do love your new washer and dryer. Very pretty!

    Top 5 favorite appliances or gadgets:
    1. Crock pot
    2. Fridge (because it contains food)
    3. Outdoor Gas grill
    4. George Forman Grill (only way to cook bacon)
    5. Plug in skillet


  4. Paula, wow, I have a George Forman grill, I have never tried bacon in it!

  5. I'm so glad you got the cast off. I sure hope it heals up fast and you're able to get back to all the things you love.

    I am in love with your new washer and dryer!!! ESpecially the color-they are beautiful and yes appliances can indeed be beautiful.
    I love how your cat is eyeing them up---too funny.

    Appliances I can't live without:
    1. CD player
    2. camera (is that an appliance? lol)
    3. coffeemaker
    4. stove (I like cooking)
    5. snuggle blanket (I insist on that being an appliance--I plug it in and it heats up)

    That was fun! It's amazing how hard it is to think of things when you can't include the computer and tv. lol.

  6. Top 5 favorite appliances or gadgets (NO! computers and TV's do NOT count)

    1) my blackberry (It can do anything a tv or computer can do ha ha i cheated!)
    2) WII
    3) GPS
    4) Stereo
    5) COFFEE POT!!!!!

    That's great about your arm, it went by pretty fast!

  7. Wendy - laughing at you correcting your poor mom! Love your pretty appliances! Congrats on getting your cast off - take it easy now sis - don't want you hurting yourself again! By the way - did you know that Bastard out of Carolina was made into a movie - I think it's about 10 years old.

    My 5 favorite appliances & gadgets:
    1. Crockpot
    2. Grill
    3. Dishwasher
    4. Blender
    5. Toaster

  8. Dar - Yeah I thought if I didn't put that clause in, everyone would put comp. and tv on there, I wanted everyone to think! and I too love the blue!

    Ouch! I just tried typing with the other hand a little... and it hurts, so I guess I shouldn't do that!

    Casey - Blackberry is good, I surprised more people didn't say cell phone, I bet Ashley will.

    Shel - Yeah! Ha, my poor mom! Yes, I am very careful now, let me tell you! I didn't know that was made into a movie!!! wow that's two now, I didn't know "In her Shoes" was a movie either. I gotta catch up on these movies.

  9. ok, ok' ok.... Like Shel said take it easy on your poor old mom! (thanks Shel. Some one has to stick up for me)
    3) George Foreman Grill.
    Happy now?
    Your Mother.

  10. Yes, mom, very good!
    Three cheers for mom!

  11. Thank you daughter!!!!
    Love ya.

  12. Excuse me, I believe your mother told you to not over do it... that involves typing so DONT!!

    Ok now... has everyone overlooked the most important part of the blog???

    GO STEELERS!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Yes the game was amazing I was on the edge of my seat for the second half. Holmes really brought it home (haha) Yay for 6 titles!

    Washer and dryer look great and fun to use... imagine that... laundry being fun? ha Its funny that martina likes them so much.

    Top 5 favorite appliances or gadgets (NO! computers and TV's do NOT count)
    1. do cell phones count?
    2. coffee pot
    3. camera
    4. hair straightener
    5. radio

  13. I told casey you would put cell phone!
    And YES Yea! for our Steelers! The rest of the world just doesn't understand.