Book challenge

Pictures - #1 & 2 - Woodpeckers, OK Shelley, are these Downy or Hairy?
#3 - A sweet Titmouse
#4, 5, 6 - Very naughty squirrel!

With the children last week (on MLK Day) I made pine cone feeders. As you can see, they were very popular! The birds were all over them as well as the squirrels.

Guess what?! - I can crochet with one hand! It took me a while to get it started but I can do it! I am making a round blanket. All I have to use from my "Disabled" arm is my pointer finger. I can do all the rest with my good hand. I was so excited! I knew "if there was a will there was a way"!

On Sat. Glen and I are getting up early to get to Watkins Glen by 6:30. The yarn shop down there is having a big sale! If you get there between 6 - 7AM everything is 40% off!!!!! They are also having goodies and coffee and lots of door prizes. A couple years ago I won a really nice set of bamboo knitting needles. I will let you know how it goes. After that we will go out to breakfast.

I won another book!!! It was off of freebookfriday.com they give away books every Fri. you should all try to win! I only sign up for the ones I really want. Your chances of winning sometime are pretty good because there are not that many people who sign up. I won "The Professor's Wives Club" by Joanne Rendell. I really wanted this book. I am so excited.

I finished a really excellent book called "The Learning: Love Beyond A Lifetime" by Ruthann Weaver. My mother-in-law gave me this book for Christmas. It was one I wanted from our local Mennonite store. It is a true story about a girl's life growing up in the Mennonite community in the 1800's The family came to America in the 1600's from Switzerland (my family is from Switzerland!!!) They settled in PA. then in the 1800's moved to Iowa where Barbara spent most of her life. It was a very interesting book. I loved it! It is a series and I can't wait for the next one, I believe it will be about Barbara as a grown woman.

A while back, someone asked me about New Years Resolutions. I don't really make them, I just try to have a good, healthy, happy year. I did however decide to do a book challenge that will last all year. I am calling it "Reading through the states" I have typed all the states in Alphabetical order. When I read a book that takes place in that state I will put the title next to that state.
I will post and update my list on here. If anyone would like to join me in doing this let me know, you can post your list in the comments. Read any kind of book you want. If a book is about two states you have to choose just one! It will get more difficult when you start using up the states, then you will have to actually look for books about certain states.
Here's what I have so far since Jan.

California - Echoes, by Erin Grady
Florida - In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner
Iowa - The Learning, by Ruthann Weaver

Top 5 things your husband (or sig. other) has helped you with in the past couple weeks.
1-Doing dishes
2-Putting my hair in a ponytail
3-Draining the veggies or pasta
4-Making his own sandwich for lunch
5-Getting my cappuccino maker ready (screwing it on and off)

This top 5 was inspired by my broken wrist, since my husband is kinda forced to help more around the house.


  1. Love your challenge. If you end up reading Whispers, you can put that one in Arizona. :-)

    Speaking of Arizona, guess we'll be seeing your team in teh Superbowl! :-)

  2. Erin - Good idea, I did get "Whispers"! I will save AZ for that one.

    You mean we'll be beating your team in the Superbowl!!!! Hee Hee! I had forgotten you're from AZ, good luck!

  3. Great idea for a challenge Wendy. I'm glad you're at least able to crochet with one hand-I can see how that would work for sure. Is the arm feeling any better now? How long is all bandaged up for?

    I saw your name on The Professors' Wives' Club. Congrats. It's a really good book. I hope you'll enjoy it.

    I love the pics especially the squirrels. I think they're so cute except in the summer when they're teasing my dog. They don't come out much here in the winter.

  4. WooHoo...you can crochet!!!
    Great pictures.
    I don't make New Years Resolutions either...I usually end up breaking them anyway.
    5 things husband helped with mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Let me think!
    1) move the furniture so I could shampoo the carpet.
    2) helped take down the Christmas decorations from the outside.
    3) made hard boiled eggs.
    4) Changed my flat tire for me and bought 2 new ones.
    5) helped clear off the table after eatting.
    Congrats on winning the book. Enjoy reading it.

  5. Top 5 things your husband (or sig. other) has helped you with in the past couple weeks.
    1) Helped jump my car when it went completely dead for no reason
    2) did the dishes
    3) Helped stir when i made no bake cookies (it's really hard!)
    4) Helped clean the snow off my car
    5) Helped gather laundry