After Christmas News

Well I guess the biggest "After Christmas News" is my husbands accident! He had taken the snowmobiles to Watkins to get them serviced before riding. The whole time he was there is was raining, making the roads very slick. On his way home he hit black ice and lost control. The truck and trailer swerved back and forth several times while he was trying desperately to keep it out of the ditch. Finally the trailer kinda jack knifed and hit a telephone pole. There was only minor damage to his truck and he was fine, shaken, but fine! But as you can see the trailer is totaled and we fear, so his his one year old snowmobile! The snowmobile came loose and was flung all over the inside of the trailer. He said if the trailer had not hit the pole he probably would have lost the truck and would have been hurt. Thank you God for letting it only be the trailer and S.M.
Now comes the dealing with the Ins. companies to see how much of this we are going to get back.

For two weeks now I have been on vacation without kids! It has been nice but I am ready to have them again on Mon. We have some new bird feeders to hang up. I thought I would have them all get dressed and go out with me to "help" hang them up. I bought one to hang up outside the daycare window so we could watch them from there instead of having to go to the kitchen. Two friends bought us hanging seed cakes so I am excited about that too!

We had a great Christmas. I don't get to see most of my family very often so it is so nice when we can all get together. I got some really nice things for Christmas. My favorite being a cappuccino maker from my wonderful husband! It is awesome! And the cappuccino is great! My mom has one just like it. When I went to TN last year to visit she made me some and I said "I have to have one of these." But all in all I was very impressed with all my gifts this year!

My daughter is moving out this weekend! Sat. morning to be exact. I am very excited for her. She will be renting a room in a real nice house in the next town. she works in that town so it will be very convenient for her. Also even though it is a small town, it is a very "cool" hip and popular town, and there is lots to do! I think she will love it there!

Some more bad news! My laptop has died! Really died, as in "Dead", works no more! Won't even start! So now I am trying to decide what to do. I really can't afford to get a new one so close after Christmas. I have to research my options, look at prices, etc. I will keep you informed.

Knitting - Remember I won some yarn a while back - I am knitting myself a cabled scarf. It is so beautiful! I love it! I will post pictures next time.

Books - I read "Echoes" by Erin Grady. It was the signed book that the author had sent me a couple weeks ago. It was a great book! It was so many books wrapped up into one. Suspense, Love story, Historical, and Mystery. A woman comes up missing, leaving her young daughter alone. Her sister, Tess, comes to take care of the daughter and look for her sister. At the same time an elderly man has been murdered. What do the two have to do with each other, if anything? During her visit, Tess is being flung back in time to the 1800's as "Molly" who's sister has died. why is this happening to her and again what does this have to do with anything? This is definitely a page turner. I found the Characters very likable. I am a huge Historical Fiction fan but I found myself liking the present time in the book just as much as the 1800's! Congratulations Erin on a book well done!

Top 5 things you would like to do this next year (I am not calling them resolutions).

1. After my daughter moves out, I would like to clean my house top to bottom, rearrange things, sort through things and just get more organized.
2. Have fun with my daughter as a independent person, meet for coffee, go shopping together etc.
3. Keep in touch with my friends better, there have been some friends that I have kinda let get away from me! I can be a better friend!
4. Get in better shape, eat better, maybe even exercise/work out.
5. Work on getting a new laptop!

What are yours?


  1. Christmas was great! It was nice to have everyone together.

    Top 5 things you would like to do this next year (I am not calling them resolutions).

    1) I too would really like to clean/organize my house from room to room. It's something that always slips away from us because it's so time consuming, but I just have to do one thing at a time.

    2)Be the best mom I can be!

    3) Make sure I devote time for my husband and I to be well "a married couple" now that the baby is in our lives.

    4) As always.....eat better and exercise. I want this to be a huge part of my life so that I can pass the importance on to Emmah.

    5) Go on at least one vacation this year of some sort with my family.

    Happy New Year everyone!


  2. Hello Wendy and Happy New Year! I'm so glad you enjoyed ECHOES and thanks for the great review. I hope the new year brings you only health, wealth and happiness!

    Take care and thanks again!

  3. I'm so glad your husband was okay! Very scary to get in a car accident! Looking forward to seeing the kiddies hang the bird feeders - hope you take photos!
    Top 5 things I would like to do:
    - Take a photography class (learn how to use more functions on my camera!)
    - Walk & do more weight resistance
    - Healthier eating
    - Get the home more organized
    - More volunteer work

  4. Wendy, thank God your husband was ok. That's really all that matters in the long run. Too bad about the laptop though. Not a good thing to have happen. I'm glad you enjoyed the book Echoes. I'm definitely going to have to look into that one. Sounds like my kind of book.

  5. christmas was great! I had a lot of fun, and i'm glad that Josh got to meet everyone, he enjoyed himself. And thank you very much for the book collection. I don't know where to begin. lol

    Top 5:
    1) Start school (for real this time, I keep saying this but i mean it this time... I applied today!)
    2) Get a new appartment (Josh and I will be looking in the spring or summer time)
    3) Try really hard to pay off my car
    4) Finish the school i am already in (Just have to complete final testing.... and pass)
    5) Learn as much as I possibly can about everything that I can

  6. Hello, Thank God that Glen was not hurt. He was telling me about the trailer but these pictures really show the damage.
    Top 5:::::
    1) Get my house back in order.
    2) Paint the laundery room (the last room to be done).
    3) Be a more tolerant person.
    4) Be more patient.
    5) Exercise more, eat better (get back on track with my Weight Watchers).
    Erin's new book sounds very good. I read the 1st chapter on line.
    Have a great New Year!!!
    Love, Mom

  7. 1. Have a more structured day
    2. Take more sewing classes
    3. KNIT more
    4. Regain my title of Queen of Correspondence - already have it spreadsheet out
    5. Have fun, sing more and loud!!
    6. Read a few more books, grab a few I wouldn't normally grab either.

    Wendy, I am thankul that you husband is not hurt. I saw the trailer and thought OH NO!!

  8. What a scary accident! I am glad things turned out safe. My daughter moved out across the country Last July..I wish it were only a few towns over. Your blog is looking great. And I can't wait to see your scarf. Happy New Year!

  9. Paula, I am so glad we got to meet baby Emmah! She is such a sweetie! and... boy Matt is great with her! You are so lucky!

    Erin - Yes - I liked it so much I just ordered "Whispers"!

    Shelley - yes I am so glad he was OK, it could have been so much worse!
    I will take pictures, but I can't (won't) post any pictures of their faces.

    Dar - Yes, I am really broke up about the laptop!!!!! I really don't know what to do? and yes, you should read Echoes, and do a review!!!! In fact I challenge you!

    Casey - We were so glad to meet Josh. and guess what? We like him!
    I am glad you like the books, I do hope you take care of them. Please let me know which ones you are reading, maybe I can discuss them with you.

    Mom- The pictures really tell it all! When I went out and looked at the trailer I was amazed! That could have been the truck, he could have been killed. If you want I can bring the book with me when I come to visit and you can barrow it.

    cagrowngirl - I like the 3rd one - knit more! Thanks - I thought the same thing when I saw the trailer!

    Toni - thanks, yes he was terrified! to say the least. Thanks for the comment about my blog! I wish I had more time to do more with it! I love working with the yarn, it is really nice.

  10. Hey Wendy, thanks for the walking reminder. I went yesterday at lunch AND after dinner. Motivated right down to my shoelaces, LOL. How about you?

  11. PS: I didn't say it earlier, but I was thinking it--I just hit send before I typed it. I'm so glad your husband wasn't hurt in that accident. My daughter and her husband went up to the snow a few weeks ago and go in a minor accident. When she called though, my heart just stopped. We're in AZ so we don't have ANY experience driving on snow and I didn't want them to go in the first place but what can you do? Chain your kids up? I've tried that and it never works. :-)

    Happy New Year!

  12. Wendy, I left you an award on my blog. Check it out here: