We just got back from spending the weekend at our cabin in the Adirondacks. We left Fri. morning and came back Sun. afternoon. It was a nice weekend. The cabin was not too overtaken with wildlife. There were no mice in the "mouse bucket" a trap system we set up, usually there is at least a couple. A friend of mine told me that peppermint oil keeps mice away. I did not get a chance to buy some before we left but when we go to our camper in the Thousand isles. I will get some because the mice there are bad. The weather was perfect this weekend. Not too hot and no rain. The first day there is always "setting up camp" putting away food, making the bed, cleaning the outhouse, cleaning up spiders, etc. On Sat. we drove into Speculator (about 20 min. away) to eat breakfast at our favorite diner. Then we walked by the lake there (Lake Pleasant) it was very peaceful that early in the morning. We went to the Speculator Dept. Store., I bought a new journal for our other place (I keep journals at each of our places). Then we headed for camp. After lunch we drove down the road and hiked into "G Lake" you will not find this on any of the internet maps! I looked! It is very small on a seasonal use rd. and is surrounded by state land. It is about a 1/2 mi. walk into the lake and it is beautiful! There were a couple of people camping there, older people. Usually there is no one! They were kayaking. This was their first time to the lake. We had been there several times and canoed it a few years ago. If you look between the trees of the second picture you can see a loon. There are always loons on this lake. The last time we went we saw Mergansers! What a treat.

Now that I am home, there is so much work to do! This is going to be a busy week for me.

Last weeks poll did not bring too many responses! This weeks is about vacations. Where do you usually vacation? Do you own a place, visit the same places over and over, go to different places, or do not take vacations? Or do you take them but do not go anywhere? Happy Vacationing!


  1. It didn't rain while you were there? that's a first! The pictures are pretty, especially the one on the right. As to your vacation poll, I'm sure you already guessed this, but I answered Vacation? Am I suppose to get a vacation?

  2. Glad you had a great time. Sounds very nice and peaceful up there.
    Great pictures.
    There always is so much work to do when you get back, groceries, clean the house(beats me how it gets so dirty with nobody there), and lot and lots of laundry.
    Love, Mom

  3. Hi Wendy,
    We've been vacationing mostly in northern michigan since we've finished our log cabins. I enjoyed seeing your lake photos - aren't the loons great?! I posted some recent loon photos on my bird blog if you get the chance.

  4. It sounds like you had a really nice time! I am jealous! It must be so peaceful out there with nobody around.