A Day in Watkins Glen

My daughter and I took a ride to Watkins Glen (1/2 hour from our home). We walked out on the pier.
My beautiful daughter by the lake.
My naughty daughter being locked up. Bad girl!
That's me on the left.
We walked all the way out there! My hubby and I have done this before but I didn't think my daughter had. So I didn't tell her where we were going and took her out there. When we started getting close to the end of the pier and closer to the rocks she asked "Where are we going, what are we doing???"
She loved it. I think she looks right at home, don't you?

I think is one of the best pictures taken of me! Of course, my face isn't showing!
This is my daughter's favorite picture of the day!
This is my favorite picture of the day!
Ashley took most of the pictures (also the picture I am using now as my header). I took the ones of her of course. We had a great day. I wanted to show her fun beautiful things you can do, not far from home, for free!

Knitting - My sweater is done, except for blocking. My daughter is modeling it for me. I really like it. It fits real nice and is very comfortable. I still have to buy a clasp for the front. Which I am having trouble finding. I will probably order one off the internet.

Books I have read - "In the Land of Cotton" by Martha A Taylor. GREAT book - 5 stars!
This book is based on the Authors own life!
Girl meets boy. Girl and boy become friends. Girl falls in love with boy.
Girl is white, boy is black. It is the 1950's and their love is forbidden.
This book has a lot of history in it! Kennedy, Johnson, Martin L. King Jr., Malcolm X, Black Panthers, the Vietnam War, and the civil right's movement. If you love American History during this time period, this is one of the best books to read. Better than High school history, that's for sure!

"Wilderness Run" by Maria Hummel. This book is about two young people during the Civil War. Isabel "Bel" and her cousin Laurence. They spend their childhood growing up together. No one can know of the forbidden love between cousins. Laurence goes off to fight for the north. To fight for others freedom. While home waiting for her cousin's return, Isabel falls in love with her french tutor from Canada. He too joins the Army and is off to war. Isabel decides to volunteer as a nurse. She finds both her cousin and tutor in an army hospital. I didn't think I was going to like the "war" side of this story, but I wasn't too bothered by it. The book was written by a women and I think that helped. I did like this book and read it in only 3 days. I gave it 4 stars.

Reading through the states - I AM DONE!!!!! All 50 states in 9 1/2 months!
These are my top 10 favorite books I read (not in any order) -
In the Land of Cotton
William Henry is a Fine Name
Children of the Dust: An Okie Family Story
The Help
A Claim of Her Own
North of Beautiful
Hit by a Farm
The Believers
Waiting for Summer's Return

Wow, only three of them are not Historical! Well, I guess that tells you where my reading preferences are!

I am going to join the read-a-thon! I am so excited! It is from Oct. 24-25. I will tell you more about it in next weeks post.
Here is a few of the books I am going to have on hand for reading -
Where the Willows Grow - Kim Vogel Sawyer (Christian Historical Fiction)
Girls in Trucks - Katie Crouch (southern womens fiction)
Mission Possible - Marie Laszlo (Memoir about a missionary in Papua New Guinea)
Crossing Over - Ruth Irene Garrett (Memoir about an Amish woman leaving the Order)
Busy Woman Seeks Wife - Annie Sanders (Chick-Lit)

I think I have a good variety so I don't get bored! Of course I am not going to read all of these all they way through. I will just have them on hand as well as magazines just so I can switch back and forth. Check in next week for more info!

*"The 99 Red Balloons" is for my daughter!


  1. A sweater...great!

    Loved the rocks and the pictures. I see bright red, we don't have that yet. The colors are beginning to show.

  2. Wow what a busy week. A new sweater, finishing your state book project and a day at the lake. Congrats.

  3. Amazing what a body of water and humankind can do!
    I love being close to the water, any water, and how that brings out the wonder, and the dreams.
    Great photos!

  4. I am touched that you used my picture as your header. I almost didn't recognize it as my own. I really liked how the one of you turned out.

    Thank you for the fun road trip. The water was really beautiful. I love our mother/daughter days.

    Oh and thanks for the song too :-D

  5. Great list, I enjoy memoirs, too.

  6. Great picts. Like the new header.
    Looks like you two had a very fun day. I have always like Watkins Glen. I too love being by the water. There really is a lot to do there...lots of history too.
    Love the sweater. Its self striping yarn isn't it?
    You like historic books....read "Torment on the Knobbs". It is a true story about a family here in east TN. It takes place in the 1700 before the civil war. It is about a man who falls in love with a girl and is rejected. This is a very rare book and hard to find.
    Miss the top 5.

  7. I just love the pattern of that sweater - beautiful! And I loved the photos of yours and your daughter's outing!I would love to be looking at all that beautiful scenery!
    P.S. Do you ever sell any of your knitting projects??

  8. The pictures are just great! It looks so beautiful. How nice it would be to have such a beautiful place so close by to visit. The rocks are so cool-I'd love to walk out on those.

    Love your new header and I'm so glad you're joining the read-a-thon. I've got to get my book list together.

    Love your sweater!

  9. This is so cool! I'd join but I'll be on the road and can't read in the car. Barfo time if I do.

    Good luck with it!

  10. Love the pictures! It's so beautiful there.

  11. GREAT Photos.. You and your girl are lovely... what a fun day.

    Love the sweater.

    Congrats on reading across the states..

    I sooooo want to do the read a thon.. but not sure if I can. Just missed a nights sleep in a cross country road trip. ;)

    Fabulous post as ALWAYS!!

  12. Picked up your blog from Shelfari's Vistas of KY ...."
    My handle there is Bookie, but I blog and twitter as Pen N. Hand.
    Enjoyed the pictures and I don't have the nerve to show something I've knitted on the Web.
    Drop by at:
    http://nash-black.blogspot.com (book reviews)
    Nash Black (Irene)

  13. The book "Crossing Over" looks like something I'd enjoy. I'll have to put that on my TBR. Probably won't get it in time for the RAT but maybe for later.

  14. We have never been to Watkins Glen. We would love to go to a race there some day!

    I love the sweater it looks nice and warm.

  15. Great pics, thanks for sharing! And congrats on finishing the contest!