Vacationing in PA

I had a great time in Lewisburg PA as usual! I just love it there!
We went to this place called "The Country Cupboard" and Oh my word! why have we not gone there before? My friend Diane recommended that I go there, she just raved about it and now I see why. It is basically a restaurant/giftshop but the restaurant is HUGE and the gift shop is HUGE! Its like going to the mall. It was all decked out for Christmas. I could not even keep count how many Christmas trees there were, each one decorated with a different theme.
Here are just a few (remember you can click on the pic to get a bigger view).

 Christmas Day evening we took a walk through town. The town is so beautiful, with all the lights, gorgeous historical buildings and homes, and dressed up windows. Right in the middle of town there is a large park (I have shown pics in the past). In the middle of that park is a HUGE pine tree, it was covered with little lights. I don't know how they got them all on there, they must have used a ladder truck, but it was beautiful. None of my pictures really did it justice.

Here are a couple pictures taken out the hubby's window

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  1. Lovely! The pic with the snow and the cardinals is simply beautiful! What a great place to go for Christmas.

  2. Great pictures, I almost feel like I was there! That first tree with all the pink, ew! lol

    P.s. I love the picture on the bottom of your page... of your family... and I love that sean looks like a football player haha! You forgot potato though.

  3. The pictures are great. i thought the one with the coffee pods fit you!!!!
    Looks like you had a great time there.

  4. Glad you finally got to County Cuboard and enjoyed it!!!

  5. Wow, that looks like the perfect place to spend a holiday. I'd love to visit!