Merry Christmas!

I can't believe a whole month has gone by since I have last blogged.
Well that shows you how busy I am.
What have I been doing?
Well getting ready for Christmas, of course!
I have been knitting, quilting, baking (yes, you read that right, I said baking!), shopping, wrapping, decorating,  and reading Christmas books.

I have two stories to tell.
I went down to PA for one night to go to the hubby's Company Christmas party/dinner.
It was OK, I do like some of the people, some of the guys are great and I am friends with a few of the wives and the woman who runs the office and I are friends. But, for the most part many of them are strangers. A lot of them (not all, but many) drink and like to party and we are not like that so it is a little uncomfortable at times. But we just sit with people we like and sit and talk. So we do have a good time.
On of the things this year that was a disappointment was the food. Not a lot to choose from and most of it contained meat. All I had was the veggies and a salad.
And the biggest catastrophe of the night - my brand new pants, first time wearing them - had a rip started along the seam! It was right on the outside of my hip. I was literally afraid to move for fear it would rip the whole way up and expose my whole leg to all the world to see!
I did manage to have a pretty good time in spite of all this.

This is a much nicer story -
When I walk my daycare kids to school everyday I stand and watch them walk into the building (just to be sure). As I was standing there waiting, a bus was unloading children. This tiny girl (probably pre-school) turned around to look behind her and the boy behind her (prob. 1st grade) ran into her and they both fell to the ground, the boy landing on top of the tiny girl. I thought - Oh no, she is going to start crying! But she started laughing and then the boy started laughing. Then the boy pushed himself up and grabbed the tiny girl's arms and pulled her up! A older girl who was passing by (prob. 2nd grade) stopped and picked up the tiny girls hat and put it back on her head. They both turned the tiny girl around and got her on her way in the school.
    This warmed my heart so much, to see them helping each other I wanted to watch it again! Where is the rewind button when you need it? I really needed to see something like this after the disaster in CT.

Here are some pictures of a couple pillows I made for a few friends for christmas -

And here's pictures of my Christmas tree.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Whats with all the Steelers stuff? ;)
    Pretty tree....
    I guess you have been busy!!!!
    Sorry to hear about your pants...i would take them back and complain. They should give you a refund or a new pair.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas. I love your tree and what a darling angel.

  3. Merry Christmas my dear friend! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day and all the best in the new year! Hugs to you and a squeeze for Martina!