Just a little blogging before I go

I am going to do some vacationing the last couple weeks of summer so I thought I would sneak in a blog post.

This is a day at the park the I took with the daughter to Lodi point state park on Seneca lake, just 10 min from my house.

Lodi Point is known for its flat "skipping rocks"
 The daughter - contemplating a grape.
 The East coast line.
 The water was really nice that day. And it is also always very clear. Seneca lake is very deep, it is the deepest of the fingerlakes.
The daughter rolling up the pants to wade.

This is "The Point" its why they call it Lodi Point. And everytime you go it looks different. Sometimes it rounded like this, sometimes it is really long and narrow - really like a point.

Knitting - Knitting bookmarks, out of crochet thread with size 1 needles.
The green one is a birthday gift. And the pink seashell one I will give away on my book blog before the end of "Life's a Beach" month.

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  1. Seneca Lake is not only the deepest it is also the COLDEST!
    Love the green and the pick book marks.
    If I had to choose it would be very difficult.
    Are you keeping the green nail polish? Looks cool.