1:15 pm

So far -
Time reading - 5hrs. 15 min. (blogging - 55min.)
Pages read - 192

I want to take this time to say how glad and proud I am to have my 22 yr. old daughter here doing this with me. I raised her as a book lover and I am so glad it stuck. As I was reading and watching her blogging I thought "I wonder if she will raise her "future" children the same? To love books and do such things with their mother? And I wonder if they will actually follow through and want to do such stuff with their mom." I am so glad my daughter loves to do "such stuff" with me!


  1. I will try my hardest to get my children into reading. Micah loves reading too so I'm sure he would want our kids to be readers. Not only will my children want to do mommy things, but they will also want to do grandma things too because you are awesome and who wouldn't love doing "such stuff" with you!

  2. Glad that the Readathon is a family affair! Keep up with the reading!

  3. You're doing great, 192 pages wow, well done! And so fabulous that you can share this with your daughter, an experience to be envied!