Summer, coming to an end

The winner of the book -
Amy Inspired, by Bethany Pierce is...
#7 - Just Thinking About Life!!!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Would you believe it - here in upstate NY, the leaves are just starting to turn already! This is the beginning of the end of summer. The saddest time for me. I love summer, carefree, shopping, vacations, warm weather, no kids (for the most part, except for a couple weeks). Now it will be back to work watching kids, colder weather, no more flowers, everything turning brown, less daylight, the end of summer as we know it! I am hoping we have a nice fall. I would like at least another good month or so.
I believe it is going to be in the 90's all this week! One last hurrah! 

TV - Hmmm, nothing to report on   :-(
Oh I could report on American Idol rumors. Most of these are actually fact since they have been in the news, but you really never know the full truth, even in the news these days.
Simon Cowell - is out, as in off the show, how could he??? It will not be the same without him.
Kara Dioguardi - also reportedly out! I liked her too!
Ellen DeGeneres - Out (I think she only intended on doing one year)
Soooo, that leaves... Randy, that's it!
Also reportedly, Steven Tyler of the rock band Aerosmith, is being considered as a judge.
J Lo was being considered but she had too many demands that they couldn't meet, so she is out!
Now I have just recently heard that they want to try to get Shania Twain (who was a guest judge on one show last season) but that was the last I heard of it. I would love to see her as a judge!!!!!
That's it, that's all I got. Anyone hear anything else, let us know!

KNITTING - The making of a toe sock, with just one toe, for flip flops. I am making these for a friend who hates to go barefoot but loves to wear flip flops.
 One flip flop sock done - These are amazingly comfortable! They are done in a thin cotton/wool blend, very nice for summer.
Sock #2 of each pair -
One pair done!

BOOKS - Finally finished "To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf. I was reading this classic for a group read on Shelfari. Woolf is not easy to read. It takes time, deciphering, patients, not something you can read during the commercials. None the less, I did enjoy this. Here is one of the quotes from it -
"The words seemed to be dropped into a well, where, if the waters were clear, they were also so extraordinarily distorted that, even as they descended, one saw them twisting about to make Heaven knows what pattern on the floor of the child's mind."

A Circle of Books - "The Postcard Killers" by James Patterson
Peeking Between the Pages - "Hannah: My True Story of Drugs, Cutting, and Mental Illness" by Hannah Westberg
Peeking Between the Pages - "Wintergirls" by Laurie Halse Anderson, also the Author of "Speak"
Peeking Between the Pages - "Darkfever" by Karen Marie Moning
Peeking Between the Pages - "Rae: My True Story of Fear, Anxiety, and Social Phobia" by Chelsea Rea Swiggett
A Sea of Books - Audiobook of "The Lion" by Nelson DeMille

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  1. Oooo I'm envious. I'm dreaming of cooler temps.

    BTW, did you hear they announced the cast of Dancing with the Stars?

    I'm rooting for Florence Henderson and Jennifer Grey.

  2. YAY>>> The book should be good

    Those socks look cool!

  3. Our weather sure has been crazy the last few weeks. I was noticing on my way to work this morning how a lot of the tree are starting to change. Crazy!!

  4. It is sooo hot, I don't think autumn will ever get here. and when it does, i'll moan about that!! LOL!

  5. The leaves are changing here too. They are even talking about pollen count on Ragweed so you know winter is comming. NO NO...I not ready for winter yet .... I love SUMMER!
    Today it is going to in the 90's again but in a few days they are predicting a high of 79! I am just not through with summer yet. Went in the lake yesterday and it is getting cooler. The water temp was only 83*.
    Your socks are so cute. Love the yarn.
    Thanks for the heads up on the contests. I have entered them.