Busy end of Summer

A walk up at our barn property. Sweet peas, Phlox, and butterflies.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - School starts on the 8th of Sept. I am watching a couple of children these last few weeks of summer. I have 2 new kids starting! I am very excited since I had 2 kids leave because they were too old now. So now I am full again! My 2 new kids are young - one is in Kindergarten and one is in 2nd. I think they will both be great additions.

My husband is still working in northern PA most of the time. I see him a couple of days at a time. I never know when it is going to be. He just calls me and says "I'm comin home". He would love to go work in Alaska, like on the ice roads (Ice Road trucking) he would be like 6 months on, 6 months off, and he would make more in 6 months than he does now in 12 months. He has a couple of connections, he just has yet to make the calls.

TV - They chose a winner for Design Star - Emily. She is not who I would have chosen but I do have to admit, I liked her last 2 challenges. 
I have a new show that I am watching - "The Glades" (thanks to my mom!) GREAT show! And the star is c-u-t-e!
I can't wait for the fall shows to start, TV is sooooo boring right now!

KNITTING - Finished one sock...
 And starting on the second.
 Also starting a new pair - pretty yarn, wool/cotton blend, great to work with.

BOOKS - These are ALL books I have gotten in the past month! The caption underneath tells what is what. Click on the titles to take you to the Amazon link. You can see what the book is about and read reviews. Some of these books I will be giving away and some will be up for trade, and some I will keep.
 "How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls" bought in TN
"Sweet Life" bought in TN
"Everyone Worth Knowing" bought in TN
"Time is a River" bought in TN
"Rowing the Atlantic" bought in TN
"My name is Mary Sutter" received as a gift (Reading now)
"Saint" bought in TN
"The Honey Thief" bought in TN
"Amy Inspired" received from Librarything early reviewers
"The Castaways" won from a giveaway
"Adam" won from a giveaway
"Licensed for Trouble" received from Litfuse to review
"Every Boat Turns South" won from a giveaway
"The Last River Child" won from a giveaway
"My Lobotomy" received from Paperbackswap
"Crazy Love" traded for another book with Missy!
"Bound South" received from Paperbackswap

TOP 5 - Things I like knitting -
  1. Socks! Socks, socks, socks!
  2. Shawls
  3. Felted items - slippers, purses etc.
  4. Hats
  5. Scarves
 Don't forget to sign up for my book giveaway - Amy Inspired - ending Aug. 31st.

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  1. How about the top f things that I like to be knitted for me?? he he

    2)the pretty socks in your blog
    4)Top hats

    My Favorite Colors are Green, Yellow,and Brown (incase you were wondering :))

    Love the finished socks you posted! The orange ones.

    and I like scarves too!

  2. I want to come to your house to knit and enjoy your end of summer. It is beautiful.

    Congrats on the kiddos... k and 2nd grade should be fun. Perfect actually.

    The socks are darling ..love them.

    LOOK at those books girl! You have some good stuff coming up.

    I like to knit:
    1. Sweaters
    2. socks
    3. socks
    4. socks
    5. shawls. :)

    Have a great week!

  3. Great pictures. The socks turned out really cute. The green/blue ones ...is that the yarn you bought here?
    I love the orange ones TN colors!

    Did you show Ashley the scarf I made for you? I loved the softness of the yarn and the color.

    I guess I didn't realize you bought so many book while you were here. That was a great bargain on books that we found. You have your reading cut out for you.

    Top 5:
    1] sweaters-pullovers, hate to make button holes.
    2] vests
    3] scarfs
    4] shrugs
    5] dish clothes
    anything with a little bit of a challenge but not too much that I get discouraged.

    Happy knitting and reading!

  4. Design star? I never watched that show. too bad it is over now, maybe i'll catch it next time if it comes on again. Is it like proj runway?

  5. Yes "The Glades"
    Great show.
    I am hooked!

  6. I think those first socks were color inspired by your recent trip to Tennessee. They are very pretty.

    My top five knitting loves are
    1) Entrelac felted purses
    2) Wallaby Sweaters
    3) Fingerless gloves
    4) Non-Entrelac felted purses
    5) Shawls

  7. You got lots of books this month! More than me even, I think! :)

    I started crocheting a blanket recently! Ripple pattern! Haven't worked on it since we moved though :(

  8. Love your socks - I'm thinking about trying my hand at knitting a pair.

    That is one pile of books you have there. lol.

    Top 5 to knit:
    1. afghans
    2. dishcloths
    3. shawls

    That's it for now. Have a great weekend!

  9. You are busy as always! Adore your socks!! Hope you are doing well!!