Prayers all around

 More white flowers.

I think my bird feeder has seen better days! I think it needs a remake.
Ashley mowing our back yard to help me out.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Ashley is one week into her new job now. She is doing great and she LOVES it! It is very challenging but rewarding at the same time. She says she feels like she is finally doing something that matters, something that will make a difference. Just to remind you - She is working at Clare Bridge of Ithaca, an assisted living home for Alzheimer's residents. This next week will be more intensive training that last week. She will be a Lead aide/Medic. I think by the end of the next week she will be certified and will actually start her reg. shift, AND get her raise! So please pray for her. I am so proud of her!

Nine more days of kids! I am loosing my two oldest kids next year, so I will start with 2 openings. I have put the word out there but there doesn't seem to be anyone needing care. Soo please pray for me also, that I find more kids for my program.

It seems like it has rained every other day. We had a couple of real cool days, only 50's and lower 60's. then, wham! On Sat. 90! Where did that come from?

Went to Watkins Glen on Sat. with Ashley. We went out to breakfast in a little dinner in Montour. Went to the Fingerlakes Fibers yarn shop. Picked up some yarn I had ordered and bought a couple more skeins (big surprise huh?) gorgeous yarn! I think I will make some winter socks out of it! (pictures below). We also went to Walmart, got a few groceries. Then stopped at Skyland Farm. It is a large barn that has a gift shop and coffee shop and a great view of the lake. Its not open in the winter, so it just opened. I've been dieing to go again.

TV - 
So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD, from now on) has their 11 chosen dancers. I am not entirely happy with their choices. My favs. are -AdéChike', Jose, and Kent for the guys. And - Alexie and Lauren for the girls. So those are my picks.
Design Star started Sun. night, love it. I won't really miss the girl who went home, but I thought her room wasn't that bad. Don't really have a fav. yet. I'll let you know next week.
I have only watched 2 shows of America's Got Talent and I have to admit it is only because Howie Mandel is on this season! I love him! If he wasn't on I probably wouldn't watch it at all.
Ice Road Truckers just started their new season. I watch this with my husband when he is home.
I watched a really good show on Discovery last night - Wild Pacific, it was all about the islands in the pacific ocean, all the animals and people, it was very good!
What are you watching this summer?

KNITTING - Gorgeous yarn! What do you think?

Finished the socks! Yea!

BOOKS - Still reading "The Lost City of Z" and started "Time of my Life" by Alison Winn Scotch.

***I have exciting news! My friend and Awarding winning Author - Erin Quinn is going to be my guest on my blog this Thur.! I did an interview with her via email. She will be monitoring my blog for the day. So any comments you make, she will read. Please make lots of comments and feel free to ask her questions! This is my first Author interview, and I am so glad I could do it with Erin!

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  1. Fab socks!
    Ice Road Truckers? Really? I've never heard of it. Sounds interesting :)

  2. Thanks mom, I'm really excited about getting certified!!

    The socks look cute!! So comfy?


  3. Love white flowers

    Yes, your bird feeder needs some renovation.

    The socks you made are so cute, like the color, strips.
    I really like the color of your new yarn that you just got.It looks really soft.

    I am watching this summer on TV....
    Persons Unknown and Happy Town.

    Your 90's came from here. It was in the 90's all last week and now this week the same. Right now it is 97*. We should be in the low to mid 80's so we are way over that.
    Love Ya,

  4. Hi Wendy, looking forward to blogging with you!


  5. The yarn is gorgeous and so are the socks!

    I've got Ashley on my prayer list! I bet she does fantastic!

    Now So You Think you Can Dance -I'm not sure I like the format this year with them dancing with the all stars. I think it kind of takes a way from the new ones but that's just my opinion.

    Ice Road Truckers-love that show. I started watching this year but then got sidetracked and missed most of them.

    Hope you have a great week!

  6. White flowers are always so pretty.

    Nice socks! Glad to see 2 of them..only a knitter understands that comment. :)

  7. That birdhouse definitely needs a remodel! Could be a fun project, maybe with your kids? Paint it some cool colors or something!