Hazy, Hot, and Humid! The 3 H's

 The hubby and I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on Fri.
 Ashley says - "The good thing about it being so hot and sticky is your cell phone sticks to your arm." I guess she won't loose it that way!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - It was a pretty busy weekend. Thur. was my last day with the kids until the last two weeks in Aug (I will have 2 kids full time for 2 weeks). Friday was my day of celebration - first day with no kids! My mom-in-law and I went shopping. We went to Mano's dinner in Ithaca for coffee and toast. Then hit the shopping trail - Kohl's (I bought a couple new outfits for summer), Bed, Bath, and Beyond (I had to buy a new bathroom scale, I broke my other one. YES, I broke the scale, OK?), Walmart (bought heavy duty rubber floormats for my new car), and Barnes and Nobel (didn't buy anything but made a huge list of books I want).
When we got home from shopping I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the porch! My hubby was still working in PA so he called and ordered them for me! How sweet is that? He got home on Sat. night.
On Sunday we went out for breakfast, then went north to take up all his paperwork and drop off a trailer at his work office. We went to Dunkin Donuts and went to Walmart and got a few groceries.
It has been so humid and muggy here! Last night was the worst night of sleeping. I just laid there moaning. I was so sticky, at one point I pulled my jammie top up so my whole tummy was exposed. We had on the ceiling fan and the window fan, but it made no difference. Then we had a real nice T-storm, very bright lightening!. Even that didn't cool it down. When I woke up this morning the DJs were even talking about it on the radio! - "Last night was the worst night for sleeping so far!" So I guess it wasn't just me.

TV - Well my least fav.girl (Nina) stays on "Design Star" and Trent (nice guy) goes home.
Someone I don't care about (Cristina) went home on "SYTYCD". There was this one dance with Lauren (my fav. girl) it was about an abusive relationship and her fighting back, it brought me to tears! She danced it with such feeling.
"Ice Road Truckers" is good! Love Jack Jesse! Can't stand Lisa - what an airhead!
 Not watching much of anything else. A lot of HGTV! heeheehee

KNITTING - Not much knitting lately! Sorry, I will have to get back into it. I have to finish that tank. And I would like to build a couple more pairs of socks.

BOOKS - I will be posting a Book review and giveaway on Thur. (another good book).
If you haven't already - don't forget to sign up for last weeks giveaway - "Love on a Dime"

CONTESTS - Erin Quinn is having an interesting contest - picking a title for her book! - HERE
A Sea of Books is giving away 3 copies of "Into the Beautiful North" by Luis Alberto Urrea - HERE
and 3 copies of the audio book "Innocent" by Scott Turow - HERE

TOP 5 - (haven't had one of these in a while)
Ways to keep cool!
1. Putting my hair up in a bun on top of my head, instantly cools me down!
2. Iced Vanilla Latte', my new fav. drink!
3. Shorts and a tank top
4. Turn on all the fans
5. Nothing, Nada, zilch! I mean really, nothing really works when it is that hot and humid, am I right?

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  1. I live in Florida so I know what you mean ;)

    My list is similar:
    1. AC
    2. Keep my hair off my neck; buns, ponytails, and clips are essential.
    2. Starbucks Venti, Soy, Sugar-Free Caramel Frappacino with whip
    3. Fans
    4. Flip flops; open toes keep me cool.
    5. Iced Sweet Tea

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Yep, in northern NJ, it's also hot and sticky. It almost makes me want winter. nah.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I have found the only thing that works when Hot and Humid is hibernating in the dark with the AC going LOL In other words, you are dead on with number 5 :)

    ~Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog

  4. happy Anniversary!

    It has been in the mid to high 90's for the past 13 days here in TN.

    Top 5:
    1] stay in doors in the air conditioning.
    2] Go to the pool
    3] go swimming in the lake, which has been running 85*, cooler than the air.
    4][ go for a ride in the air conditioned car.
    5]drink something very cold like a frozen Mojito.

  5. Congratulations!!

    Like the daisy photo in your header.

  6. I am so not a heat person either! I have the air cranking constantly! That was so sweet of your hubby to get you that beautiful bouquet. Have a fun trip over the 4th!!

  7. No one enjoyed my whit :-(

    Top 5 ways to keep cool
    1. Iced Coffee (Vanilla Lattes are my fav too!)
    2. Fans
    3. Tank top and shorts
    4. Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!
    5. putting my hair up

  8. Happy Anniversary! The flowers are lovely!

    I love SYTYCD - I have a fave guy but for the life of me I can't think of his name as I type this. He's fantastic. He's the ballet dancer who did that awesome hip hop routine the other day. Gosh I'm bad with the names - I like the hip hop boy or b-boy or whatever they call them.

    Top 5:
    1. put my hair up
    2. put an icepack on my neck and chest
    3. a summer dress
    4. no shoes
    5. believe it or not drink something hot. It actually cools your body temp down a bit. I know- sounds weird- but it does work.

    Hope you have a great weekend Wendy!