No news is good news???

OK Daddy, I am all packed and ready to go with you!
Get dirty? Me? No thanks! I think I'll just stay here with Mommy.

What's happening - Not much! Pretty boring week. Everyone pretty healthy now. A few sniffles and coughs here and there but for the most part - back to normal.

My hubby might be home tonight, but after that he will be gone for quite a while, maybe through the weekend. When they are going to be gone that long they sometimes let them come home for a day in the middle. So they can get clean clothes, stock up on food, kiss the wife, etc.

It has been COLD, cold, cold! Single digits and teens here in upstate NY. Saturday it didn't get above 10 and Sunday it was 0 when I got up, it did get in the low 20's later in the day! The weather forcast says it is suppose to be in the 20's all week, so - not bad. Hahahaha - you know you live in upstate NY when you think 20's is not bad! T-shirt weather! Heehee.

Our church does a "Contemporary Worship" service a couple times a month, mainly Saturday evenings. This past Sat. Ashley and her Boyfriend went with me. I like it a lot. It is only - prayer, sermon, and lots of music. But not hymns , contemporary Christian music and even some Christian rock. There are not too many people who go (only 21 this Sat.) I keep trying to get more people to go! I won't give up. I think people who think they are "not into the whole church thing" would like this a lot better.

My daughter is looking for a part time gig, to supplement her income. She has put in a few applications at the local diners and such. So if you know of anybody hiring.... Maybe put in a few prayers for her.

Knitting - Almost done with my "Birds Nest Smoke Ring" I think it will be really pretty!
I just have a few more rows to do then the edging on both ends.

Notice how "Hello Kitty" likes to sneak into the pictures. She just loves knitting (and getting her picture taken).

Books I have read - I will be posting another review later this week (Thurs. or Fri.).
I have also been reading Sarah Palin's new book - "Going Rogue" I am reading other books at the same so it will take me a while to finish, but I am liking it so far!

Contests - Scroll down to my last post for my book giveaway!

Top 5 - Things you can't do when its too cold
1. Drink coffee on the front porch (unless its iced coffee and you are wearing mukluks and heavy coat)
2. Gardening (can't dig in the ground when its frozen solid).
3. Go swimming (unless you have an indoor pool, you could always use your pool as an ice skating rink)
4. Wash your car in the driveway (it would be totally covered with a sheet of ice, then you will spend an hour chipping off the ice so you can get into your clean car)
5. Go barefoot (unless you like the color blue! and you want to me minus a few toes)


  1. That service sounds fun :)

    Fun list.
    I like number 3.

  2. I love everything about your post! The cute and funny kitty cat - the Hello Kitty cat (I love Hello Kitty also - just bought a messenger bag with Hello Kitty on it)and I admire you for knitting! I wish I had the patience and the talent.

    Love reading your posts, even if I don't comment very often :)

  3. Your scarf is beautiful. Love the color.
    Martina is so cute.
    Top 5:
    1] Go swimming n the lake
    2] go boating
    3] pick flowers
    4] eat on the porch
    5] run around barefoot

  4. I really enjoyed the Saturday Service too, I'll have to recruit some friends to come with me next time. You know, sometimes when you walk outside and you say "BRR It's cold" it seems so obvious but what else is there to say? It really really is cold!

    Top 5 - Things you can't do when its too cold
    1. function! (I was at work the other day and I said to my boss, "I don't think I can work under these conditions." "What conditions?" He asked. "It's sooo cold!!!" I exclaimed.
    2. Take a walk. I really like taking walks but they're just not enjoyable when your contacts freeze two minutes into it.
    3. Wear flip-flops. I miss them!
    4. Take showers right before work. My hair freezes on the way to the car.
    5. I was going to say eat ice cream... but not even negative weather could stop me from that!

  5. That Sat services sounds like my kind of service. There's a church about 45 minutes away from me that I go to occasionally that has wonderful contemporary Christian music - they really go all out w/ their productions.
    Love your knitting as always!

  6. Wendy...good luck to your gal for a side job.

    The knitting is lovely. Heavenly actually.

    And Miss Kitty is too sweet.

    1. walk barefoot in the grass.
    2. get the mail barefoot.
    3. wash the car.
    4. swim.
    5. outdoor reading or knitting.