Still Holiday-ing

Isn't this the funniest picture???? Martina checking out the wreath.

My new baby! Glen and I got ourselves matching HP Mini netbooks!

I received my gift from my secret "Holiday swap" person! Yea! It was fun getting a gift in the mail from a person that you don't even know. The gifts were perfect. The knitting mag. was one that I didn't have. There are a couple sweaters in there I like. I love pens, I have already tried them out. They are so pretty and bright. I also love Debbie Macomber, and I have not read this one yet! So they were all so perfect. Thank you Hope's Bookshelf for the gifts!

What's happening - Hope you all had a great Christmas, we sure did. I received some really nice stuff! Couple of sweaters, Coffee cup, candy, movie, candle holders, egg poacher (like my grandma used to have), a new purse (which I picked out myself), gift cards to Barnes and Nobel. And probably lots more I am forgetting.

The rest of my family - sister, nieces and their families are all coming on Jan. 9th. to celebrate Christmas. So we get to do it all over again. I will make a dinner. They will all bring food and we will party all day. We decided, this year, to not buy gifts. We would make gifts, food crafts etc. a little easier on the pocketbook.

The day after Christmas I always go "day after Christmas shopping" My hubby was home so he went with me. When we were almost done at Walmart he got called in to work! So we finished up there and came straight home so he could pack up to leave for PA. He ended up coming back home that night. He will have to go back down there for a while , we are just waiting for the call. He will have to be in PA for New Years day, so... I am a party just waiting to happen! Anyone interested? I've got the wine.

Knitting - I am searching through my patterns to find something to knit for myself now! Any ideas? I got some rally beautiful yarn from Ruth at The Yarnarian, I would like to make something with that. It is a superwash merino wool, fingering weight, about 400 yds. Different shades of navy blue.

Books I have read - "Girls in Trouble" by Caroline Leavitt, I liked this book alot, I gave it 4 stars. It was about a 16 yr. old girl who gave her baby up for adoption only to regret it years later. It seemed a little long to me. That was really the only problem I had with it.

Another book challenge for 2010 I will do is - Reading through 12 countries.
In 2009 I did a reading through the states challenge - I read one book that took place in each of the United States , 50 states in 9 months!. In 2010 I would like to do a countries challenge. Each month I will read a book that takes place in a different country (or countries). So instead of 50 books I will read 12 for this one.

Top 5 - things you are ready to get back to after Christmas.
1. After Christmas shopping!
2. Reg. TV shows, instead of reruns!
3. Getting the house back in order
4. Playing with all the new toys
5. Knitting for myself!!!!!!


  1. I love your little net book! Very cute. I also love the picture of Martina in the wreath!

    Glad that your holidays were happy!

  2. Sounds like you hit the jackpot on Christmas, I hope you enjoy those gift cards. I just got a Visa, but hey it works there too.

    I thought about doing the Reading trough 12 countries challenge, but I don't think there will be enough time to do everything.

  3. Go Martina...keep that holiday spirit going. Congrats on the Net books. Good times!!

    I am ready to get back to:
    1. cash flow.
    2. time to blog and read.
    3. time to knit without guilt
    4. time to plan for next year
    5. and help my mom out with her medical battle in 2010.

  4. What a cute picture of Martina! Congrats on the new net book. Sounds like you got some nice Christmas goodies. Hope the New Year brings you much health & happiness my friend.

  5. Martina looks so cute peeking through the wreath.
    I like my netbook, hope you like yours.
    Have a great time on Dec 8 or is it the 9th.
    Top 5:
    1] After Christmas sales.
    2] Cleaning the house.
    3] Putting the decoration back for another year.
    4] less partying (can u believe that)
    5] DIET, DIET, DIET!!!!!!

  6. Yah for new laptop!
    I got a new one for Christmas too :)

    My top 5 is allot like yours. I'm sick of reruns, I want to shop, and I'm ready to get my house in order.

  7. Whew, I was hoping the book was going to be okay! I wasn't really sure, but it looked promising. ;)

    Glad you liked it!


  8. Hugs and more hugs to you for reading and liking my novel.

    Caroline (Leavitt)