Happy Thanksgiving!

I am really excited about Thanksgiving! My Mother-in-law and I take turns each year. This year it is at her house. And who ever is hosting the big event gets to do the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and the other person brings the other stuff. Sooooo no turkey roasting for me! I am taking Squash, Candied yams, Pumpkin pie, a yummy fruit salad, and fresh ground coffee. There is only school Mon. and Tues. this week so I will have no kids from Wed. on! Yeah, V-A-C-A-TION!
What are your plans for T-day?

I got my person for the Holiday swap. This is going to be tough! At the questionnaire, I filled out a lot of stuff, I put as many ideas as I could think of because I knew the person who got me wouldn't know me. But the person I got didn't hardly put anything. So I am at a loss! Hmmm. Help me think, any suggestions?

I haven't seen much of my husband this week. He has either been home very late (10:00 or so) or not coming home at all. We are both really hoping that he will even be here for Thanksgiving! He said that there is suppose to be a big Rig-move this week and there is a possibility it might run into T-day. He is usually gone for several days when he is on a Rig-move.

I thought it would be fun for you all to see where it is my husband works and what he does. This is the link to their website - DC Rauscher. On the top click on - Wellsite services, Oilfield Hauling, and Pipeling construction. That's what he does! And he actually took most of the pictures they used. He travels between NY, PA, and WV. He has been in PA and NY this past week. There is ALOT of drilling going on in PA! If you click on "About us" it kind of gives you an overview of what the company is all about. Very seldom does he do water hauling, only when they are slow and there is nothing for him to do, he is too talented for it to be wasted on hauling water! LOL, just bragging.

My daughter did a really nice post - Ashley Amanda, about her friend's death, brought tears to my eyes. You should check it out, its touching.

I won "The Heretic's Daughter" from Dar - Peeking between the pages - and I just received it in the mail on Sat. I am excited! Right now I am reading "The Shape of Mercy" its about the Salem witch trials and so is Heretic's Daughter! So I think I am going to read them back to back. That should be fun.

Knitting - STILL knitting for Christmas! I can't wait to be knitting for myself again!

Books I have read - Shanyn - Chick loves Lit - was so wonderful and sent me her copy of "Laced with Magic" by Barbara Bretton. It the sequel to "Casting Spells" which I loved so much!
It was just as great! I really do suggest that you read the first one though, even if the second one could be a stand alone book, you really get the jist more if you read them in order. Once again this is about a small town in VT where strangely enough is filled with witches and sorcerers, faeries, trolls, vampires, etc. I know, this doesn't sound like my kind of book, but it was great, fun, not to be taken seriously. I am actually going to look into getting other books simular to these. I already have on order (from PBS) the first 2 "Demon Hunting Soccer Mom" books, sound like fun?

I also read "Devil in the Details" by Jennifer Traig, this is a memopir about a girl who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Well let me start by saying, I was disappointed. It started out great. It was funny and very descriptive about her OCD. But by the 4th chapter, it started lacking.
I felt it was more of a lesson Jewish law than OCD. Nothing against Judaism, but as a non-jew I didn't understand 1/2 the terminology used in this book. I kinda got the feeling that when she wrote it she expected all the people reading would be Jewish.
Also - It skipped around a lot. One minute she was a child then a teen , then back to being a child again, very confusing. In one chapter, 1/2 way through the book, she talked about getting the biggest glasses possible to punish herself, then about 5 chapters later she told about how she found out she needed glasses. Kinda backwards. I was like "Wait a min. didn't she already have glasses?"
AND... the books keep repeating the same stuff over and over, Ha! maybe she does have OCD! LOL little OCD humor there.



  1. Oh no I hope dad can make it to Thanksgiving! I'm excited about thanksgiving too, this is the second year Micah will be joining us and the first year I am contributing to the baking/cooking.

    I watched a movie that had a similar problem as Devil in the Details. Instead of switching back and forth between childhood and teenhood, this movie had no timeline what so ever. In one scene she was visiting a friend and in the next scene she was already married to him and in the next scene she was pregnant. The movie made it seem like it all happened in the same day or one day after another when really it probably happened over a few years. It was very strange and hard to follow.

  2. Aww, I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Wendy. :)

    The person I got for the swap didn't give a whole lot of ideas either. I visited their blog, and they had a link to their goodreads wishlist. I was able to choose a book from that.

  3. Hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the song Wild at Heart...one of my fav's.
    I am fixing everything this year.
    The whole kit and kabodle! havn't donr that in years.....so I guess it about time.
    Checked out Glens work web site...interesting.

  4. Heretic's Daughter sounds great. I took a class called Witchcraft and Heresy in Medieval times and it was SO interesting.

    Have a wonderful holiday, Wendy

    (PS: Wild at Heart is my ringtone. Love that song!)

  5. Have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the long weekend. I know I will I am finished my christmas knitting!

  6. Have a great Thanksgiving. I will stay home and mom is coming over and we will both cook. In between cooking I'll watch Miracle on 34th street which is on Fox Movie Channel this year instead of NBC...but whatever. LOL!

  7. Glad to know somebody else is just like me....wanting to knit for myself right now....will have to wait for a while yet. Hope your hubby does get home. We had Thanksgiving yesterday so we could all be together.

  8. Have a great Thanksgiving. I got to my sisters house. She always does a bang up job. I show up with relish platters..some cookies and dessert.... I am sort of spoiled. But the like things just so and I don't buck the system It is a great day for me. Love to be with my mom, sister and all of our kiddos.. and we have grandchildren now to grace the scene.

    I bet your girl's post is lovely. I am emotionally on the edge this evening...will be better in a day or so and I will be honored to read her tribute. I bet she is just a darned wonderful as you are.

    Have a great day. Your blog is wonderful..such a bit of home to visit.

    Happy Knitting.